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Meditations for Emotional Constipation

Cure Your Emotional Constipation With Meditation

Emotional constipation might sound like a clever term we sometimes use to describe the times when our spirits are low, but the sad reality is that it’s a serious situation to be in that is sorely misunderstood.

Often confused with bouts of fatigue and depression, emotional constipation describes the state in which we are so overwhelmed by what’s going on around us that we shut down to the point where we can’t feel anything- or choose not to, in fear of the repercussions.

As you’d imagine, this can be a hindrance, and can lead

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Setting Intentions for a Life Transformation

As our nation celebrates Independence Day, use the principles of the law of attraction and start the process of setting your intention for your Declaration of Independence. This is a step not to be overlooked, because if you want to change the patterns of thoughts in your subconscious mind, you must first intend it. When you set your intention or make up your mind that this is what you want to experience, then you set forth the creative forces of the universe. This is the asking part of consciously creating with the law of attraction.

Of course, there are more

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Spiritual Guidance for Motivation

How persistent are you when it comes to your goals? Do you find that you have moments of lack of motivation? Do you find that you are too busy to do what you desire?

One of the first steps to “get yourself back on track” is to surrender to what is in this moment. Click to Tweet Many times there is a tendency to resist what is happening. The resistance comes in many forms, such as observing what you don’t like about what you are doing. For instance, continually observing and nagging yourself for not doing enough.

Well we know from the law

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What is your Deepest Fear?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within

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Act from a Place of Alignment

Today I was reminded of the importance of acting from a place of alignment as opposed to the opposite. When you act from a place of alignment, you go with the flow of the universe. Meaning that you are headed in a direction that is with the flow of your desired creation. When you act against that flow or in a place of misalignment, then you are in resistance. You are resisting the flow and as a result, things never seem to work out as you planned.


When you feel good, such as with, joy, motivation or inspiration and

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Who Am I? - Defining myself in the midst of the storm

It has been awhile since I “spoke” with you last. I hope that the first month of 2017 has gone well for you. For me, there have been many changes. Without going into details, suffice it to say that I have had to step back and take a look at the direction I was taking in my life. I had to take a look back and make sure that I liked how my actions, words, decisions, etc. defined me.

I found in some instances, I did not like how they defined me. I found that I was getting caught up

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6 Ways to Stay Calm During the Holidays

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If you are like many people and tend to be stressed during the holidays, then having some simple tools to use to stay calm can be a priceless investment. These simple steps are what you should have in your calm “tool kit” anytime you feel stressed, whether it is during the holidays or not.


When you are well-rested, there is less stress on the physical & emotional bodies. If you are having trouble sleeping try a guided meditation for sleep

Be Mindful of Breath

When stressed, take a moment & be mindful

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

In order to change your current situation in life, you must work to change your subconscious thoughts. This is because the subconscious mind is working all the time. You can think of it as the autopilot, the "background noise" that is going on behind the scenes. You can also think of it as your foundational belief system because it has stored all your previous life experiences, your beliefs, your memories, your skills, all situations you've been through and all images you've ever seen. Scientists who study the mind tell us that as much as 95 percent of our behavior and

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improve-your-relationship-with-gratitude Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2


My husband drives me crazy! In the beginning he was so nice, but now I get easily annoyed with him. How can I improve my relationship with him?


When you are in a relationship, any type of relationship, it is easy to get “caught up” in what you don’t particularly like about the other person. In the beginning, one tends to enjoy the other person very much because whether you realize it or not, you tend to focus on the things you like in the other person. As a result, you get more of what you like
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how-long-before-I-see-my-manifestation-law-of-attraction Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2


I'm consciously trying to raise my vibration and bring more abundance in my life? How long does this take to manifest?


Well that really is going to depend on you and how much you are allowing. How fast a manifestation appears will be proportional to how much you allow.

Let’s give an example of you allowing 100%. This means that you have total faith that it's going to happen. Well it could immediately manifest itself, that is well within the parameters of the universe, or it could be a couple of days, weeks or months. It depends on

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Visualization and Belief - A Law of Attraction Question


What is visualization and how can I overcome my doubts to manifest my dreams with it?



There are many ways to overcome your doubts and visualization is one of them. When you visualize you actually hold an image in your "mind’s eye" of what you want to manifest in your life or desire to have happen. Another way to put it, is that you “conjure up” images in your mind.

Importance of Belief

“If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you shall move mountains.”


In order to manifest anything in your life, you must

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letting-go Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2


In order to really successfully utilize the law of attraction to make one's life better, is it necessary to have some mastery over this notion of letting go? Meaning letting go of past experiences, people, places, circumstances in your past, grievances that you might have with other people, etc. Is letting go necessary before a person can practice the law of attraction?


First we have to state that a person is always creating, whether they are creating consciously or unconsciously. As a result, they are always practicing the law of attraction. Now whether or not they create what

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stand-grounded-and-courage-will-come-from-within Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2

Attachment can take on many forms. You can be attached to an object, you can be attached to an emotion, you can be attached to other people's expectation, you can be attached to a person, etc. It is these attachments that cause stress and anxiety in your life. The anxiety and stress come from either worrying about how long you can hold on to whatever positive sensations these attachments bring to you or dreading or being worried about the negative sensations that it brings. For instance, if you are attached to someone's high view of you, then every move that

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creating-a-vision-board Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2


If I am studying the Law of Attraction, why do I need to create a vision board?



Remember, there is no need to do anything, there are just choices. Having said this, we feel that one of your best choices in changing your subconscious mind to think differently, is creating a vision board. It is a more subtle approach, but an effective one. A vision board is something that you look at every day. It is something that sends subliminal messages to your brain without you realizing it. That is the beauty of the vision board.


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tea-meditation Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2 

To really become a master of the law of attraction it is important to be grounded in the moment and aware of how you feel. This means having as many moments of quiet and stillness as possible. This is due to the fact that one must be in touch with how one feels in order to stay on the positive vibratory course towards your creation. To be aware of how you feel, you must be literally “out of your mind”. If you have an abundance of thoughts in your head, then you are disconnected from your inner self and

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best-decision Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2

It was the best decision of my life, but it only happened because I made a decision.


From a Law of Attraction perspective, the universe cannot give you want you desire, if you are uncertain and unclear about what you want to experience. If you are uncertain, then you will be held at that vibration, until you launch your desires by making a decision.

If you can’t decide what it is that you desire, here are a couple of tips to help in making that choice:

  • You can ask your inner guides to show you options to help in your
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change-something-you-do-daily Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2

Do you have a habit or habits that support improving your health and wellbeing? Think about it. Habits or routines set the vibration for what you are creating. You can have habits that support a healthy lifestyle or habits that do not.

If you do not have a routine that supports personal or spiritual growth, then start now. Start with one simple change in your routine and then once you can do that steadily for at least a month, move to the next routine. Rome was not built in a day. Just take it one step at a time. That

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secret-garden-of-our-souls Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2

The only true step to happiness is the nurturing of it from within. When you tend to your own inner garden and uproot the weeds, you nourish and feed your true happiness. This uprooting occurs in a place from within so seek within to find it. Learn to meditate and bring forth the true happiness that is available to all, if you choose it to be.

vibrational-scale-of-health-2016-version-500x517 Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2

When you meditate, you let go and allow higher vibrations to enter. You literally shake off the lower vibrations of fear, hatred, anger, etc.

This is due to several reasons:

  • As you meditate, the
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deep-longing Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2


If you have a deep longing, how do you know if that is your inner self telling you to go in that direction or if it is a memory that is from the past and if you should ignore it and let it be?



We're going to break this question up in two parts. First, we are going to address how your inner voice communicates with you, and second we are going to address the deep longing, because there's more to the deep longing than meets the eye.

How your Inner Voice Communicates

Your inner voice, your

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you-cannot-travel-within-and-stand-still-without Law of Attraction Blog - Page 2

“You cannot travel within and stand still without.” What do these words mean to you? When you "travel" within with methods such as meditation, you become aligned with source. You release old thought patterns that do not serve you. That shift in your inner being automatically creates a shift in your outer reality. That is because your outer reality is a reflection of your inner beliefs. A basic law of attraction concept.

This statement also signifies the important role your subconscious mind plays in creating your reality. Most of what is created in your reality is a result of your

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