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I am having a real hard time emotionally because of my desire for a relationship. How can I use the law of attraction to attract the perfect guy and can I use it to attract a specific person?


Why yes, you can definitely use the Law of Attraction to attract "the perfect guy", however, the use of the term "perfect" is relative. What I believe you are expressing is a desire to manifest the person who feels good to you. The best way to "use" the Law of Attraction to manifest your desired mate is to visualize

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A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but its persistence.


Fine words to denote the power of persistence. It is not one who must get it perfect the first time around, it is one who is determined to get it “right” that will prosper in this world. When we say prosper we mean one who will realize their goals, whatever their goals may be. Be that of better physical health, that of emotional healing, that of abundance, that of joy or whatever the goal may be for you.

When you set out to change your

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When was the last time you went for a hike out in nature? Spending time in nature is a chance to reconnect to the earth and to your true essence. It is a chance to be free and soar. It is also a chance to be more grounded because you are in an environment surrounded by that which is grounded and more connected to source. That is the beauty of being in nature. Nature is disconnected from "the society”; nature just is. Nature is silence. Nature is groundedness. Nature is just in a state of “beingness”, which is one

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You have the power to move mountains. Yes you do. You can do whatever it is that you desire. For instance, you can change your emotional health to whatever you like it to be. If you are depressed, then you can literally raise your vibration to that of a person who feels good about life. The path and how long it takes depends on you. You are the one who controls what is created in your reality, whether you are aware of it or not. As such, you control the people you attract into your life, the environmental factors,

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Can you prove the law of attraction?

The law of attraction can’t be proved any more than you can prove the concept of God, the concept of angels or the concept of spirits. Really the law of attraction is more something you "prove to yourself". You basically prove to yourself that it works for you. Because you are experiencing the results of your creations from the law of attraction.

So let's say that you are beginning with the law of attraction. You understand the concept and want to give it a try. What you would do is start off with something easy. Start with something that is

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Sometimes when you are not motivated to do something, the best thing to do is to visualize it. Yes, visualize it! When you visualize, you put together all the creative forces to ensure that it will happen in your reality. Visualize it and forget it! Yes, it is just that simple. Let go and allow it. Visualize it on a consistent basis and just let go of it throughout the day.

Life Example

This technique has literally saved me in many respects. I was having a hard time getting into a new routine in my life. I had recently made

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Last week we discussed how meditation helps you to focus. This week, we discuss another way meditation helps you to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution.


When you Meditate, You release “old baggage"

In addition to helping you to focus, meditation also helps you to relieve yourself of all the baggage that prevents you from moving forward.

When you make a New Year’s Resolution, you are generally trying to change something in your life to a more desired state. From an energetic perspective, you are basically trying to raise your vibration from an older “lower vibration” habit to a new

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I know you have heard about the many benefits of meditation. Below are just a few benefits: 

  1. Relieves anxiety
  2. Relieves stress
  3. Reduces aging
  4. Increases focus
  5. Increases immunity
  6. Improves brain function
  7. Helps to heal the soul (helps you feel more connected)


But why start a meditation practice and why start it for the New Year?

Now, meditation as far as completing your goals is very important. I am sure you've read many articles about people who have started their New Year's Resolution and cannot finish them. More than likely, you have experienced this for yourself. Many times that is due

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Outer Conditions reflect Inner Belief

This is a hard concept to grasp because it throws right in our face the life that we have created. In so saying this, we can no longer be victims of our outer circumstances. It is frankly saying that your outer circumstance is a reflection of your inner beliefs. For instance, if you believe that you are not worthy of a raise then chances are, you will be in a low paying job.

Your outer conditions, your outward manifestations are a reflection of your inner beliefs, whether those beliefs are what is considered pleasant or not. Another way to put

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Law of Attraction Question on Meditation and what it can do


How can meditation benefit me as I practice the Law of Attraction?



Meditation can help you shed your “skin” literally. Literally you are shedding away old layers of skin that do not serve you and bringing into light the new you. That new you will take many forms, depending on what you are shedding. For instance, if you are shedding an old angry vibe, then your new skin will be that of peace. 

Now as we know, there are many layers to this peace.

If you meditate, and yet continue to focus on conflict then the meditation can

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Law of Attraction Creative Cycle

Creative Beings

You are creative beings on this planet and are creating every aspect of your life. The Law of Attraction is a principle that outlines the way in which you create. The principles of the Law of Attraction have been called many things throughout the millennia, but the concept is still the same. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the Law of Attraction is working all the time. As such, you have been creating your entire life based on these principles. Most people do it unconsciously, however, once you become aware, you can do it

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You have been trained to believe that there is always someone outside of you who always knows more than you from the physical perspective. You have your teachers, your doctors, your parents, etc. You have been raised to rely on others to make your decision and yet we challenge you to start relying on yourself and your true inner connection to source. That connection that you have, the strongest connection is that of “feelings”. How you feel is in direct correlation to your alignment with your inner self. If you are in a non-good feeling state, then you are out

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 Always remember that we are there for you. There is always a “spirit” with you to help to guide you. You just have to learn to listen. You learn that by making this your focus. You have to make it a point to learn to be guided from within. This is your most reliable source of information. The true, “higher” voice from within. IAM



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Shawngela Pierce

I have studied and consciously practiced the Law of Attraction for over 8 years now. When I “stumbled” upon it, I was fascinated at how well it aligned with my belief systems as a child. I just knew it was the answer I had searched for, for so many years. I immediately started making an effort to whole-heartedly embrace this philosophy and bring it into my life.

Now to be honest, becoming a conscious creator can be a bit challenging, however, the rewards are many. As a conscious creator, you become the captain of your own ship and not the

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Simple Steps for a more Positive Life

As I continue to develop in my spiritual practice, I continuously understand the importance of all of these steps.

Plan purposefully

Make a plan as to what you desire to have manifest in your reality (life). What is it that you want to experience? Remember in the law of attraction, you don't have to know the steps, but plan as if you already have it.

Plan to segment intend for each part of your day so that your day just flows. Plan to say thank you every morning you wake up. Plan to be mindful before you start your work.

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I am grateful for my bodyToday and every day I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for it’s beauty and its curvatures. I am grateful that I have a body that works perfectly for me. I am in love with my body. I love my body.


Did you have trouble saying these words? Are you really grateful for your body and all that it is to you? This is your physical vector. Learn to love it. It is your creation. It is what you have created it to be. If you desire your body to be a different way, then create it

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Swan Meditation Music

I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Frederic Grenot, a New Age Music Composer who loves to create ambient, meditative, and introspective soundscapes sprinkled with mindfulness and mysticism. His music is inspirational and is excellent for meditation and energy healing. Read below to find out more information and to purchase his album, S.W.A.N. - Spiritual Wisdom Awakens Nature.


Can you tell me more about your album and what people can expect to experience when they hear it?  

FREDERIC: S.W.A.N. ~ Spiritual Wisdom Awakens Nature, captures a very personal spiritual development I have been experiencing since late last

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Meditate for Weight Loss

Meditation for weight loss is about instilling patience and being present because losing weight is not a sprint, it is a marathon. For many, overeating has become a way to escape from life's problems. Food can be viewed as a form of comfort, not unlike a clean, warm bed, or a favorite sweatshirt. Meditation is a way to support a person's weight loss plan by getting in touch with the emotions and thoughts regarding food. Meditation can also clear a foundation for healthier thinking and feeling. When you meditate, all your issues regarding weight come up such as your thoughts

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Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on your DNA Expression

Meditation has long held the reputation for bringing about beneficial changes in those who meditate. These claims include everything from increasing will power to decreasing road rage. But now scientific evidence is emerging which suggests that the way our very genes express themselves can be altered in a relatively short time by mindfulness meditation.


The scientific journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, recently published an article describing how researchers have discovered specific molecular and genetic changes in the body after a period of mindful meditation. These genetic changes can best be understood in terms of epigenetics. Epigenetics refers to changes that occur

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Finding ZoeIt is always my pleasure to share with you stories of hope and inspiration. This story is no exception. Finding Zoe is an inspirational story of turning adversity into strength by Former Miss Deaf America Brandi Rarus. Brandi shares her story of self-discovery and the struggle of being caught between the hearing and the Deaf world as well as how she found Zoe, a deaf foster-child who was passed from one foster home to another.


Gail Harris

For this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Gail Harris, one of the co-authors of the book for a "behind-the-scenes" look

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