Law of Attraction Coaching | Spiritual Counseling

$25.00 each
Coaching Time Increments

  • Do you have questions about the law of attraction as it relates to you?
  • Do you need spiritual guidance?
  • Do you need guidance in your meditation practice?
  • Do you need advice on the best way to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then let's talk. Let me and my spiritual guides direct you on your journey to health and well-being.

Call me to setup an appointment and let's get started.

shawngela-pierce-at-41 Law of Attraction Coaching

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Need Guidance?

I'm available for phone or video consultation to give you advice on meditation, lifestyle and law of attraction.

Contact Details

Name: Shawngela F. Pierce
Contact Me: Click here
Phone: 530-208-5322
Appointments: Online, Phone, Patagonia, AZ or Sedona, AZ area

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