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Webinar - Common <strong>Law of Attraction</strong> Mistakes

Are you making these mistakes?

Are you like most people, who hear about the law of attraction and get astounded by what you can create? Have you watched the Secret movie, and now are ready to start manifesting everything you have ever wanted in life? Well, hold on a minute. While there maybe an abundance of enthusiasm bubbling up inside of you, let’s put a slight reign on it for now and learn some of the key mistakes people make when practicing the law of attraction

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Webinar - Faith, Belief and the Law of Attraction

Are Faith and Belief the same?

Faith is a key aspect in practicing the law of attraction. Unfortunately, the problem is that most people only have a broad understanding of what it truly means and how it relates to consciously manifesting with the law of attraction. Are faith and belief the same thing or are they just closely related? How does one develop faith? What role does the subconscious mind play in developing faith and belief?

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What is faith?
  • What is belief?
  • Are faith and belief the same?
  • How do you develop faith?
  • How faith influences your manifestations
  • More

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Meet Shawngela Pierce, MS

Shawngela Pierce, is an author, meditation, law of attraction and spiritual life coach. She has a master’s degree in the field of education with over 3-years of post-masters education in naturopathic medicine. She has also studied the art of yoga and qigong for over 10-years. Shawngela's latest book titled, Healing and the Law of Attraction, empowers people to understand their role in the health and healing process. When you possess this knowledge, you have the tools you need to become whole again. Shawngela invites you to see yourself in a new light and release whatever is holding you back. Anything is possible if you tap into your power and allow it to guide you.

Shawngela Pierce

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Spiritual Guidance Workbook

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Learn to follow the Voice Within

I was guided to create this workbook for you and others like you who need more structure and guidance when it comes to listening to the voice within. I had a lot of fun putting together many of the resources I use when coaching.

If you want to get a brief insight on what my clients learn, then purchase this workbook today! In the workbook, you will find over 20 activities! You will also get the Spiritual Tree of Focus poster, to help you document your answered questions in a visual way!