Embrace your Spiritual Power

for Well-Being

My name is Shawngela

Many people are unaware of a very simple fact:
The path to healing always starts from within you and from your connection to the Divine.

Let me teach you how to tap into YOUR innate Spiritual Power so you can heal and fulfill your life mission.

Are you ready?

Shawngela Pierce - Spiritual Healer

Join me for a Spiritual Healing Retreat

All of our retreats are designed to help you deepen your connection to the Divine, get direct answers, open to your spiritual powers, and heal.  If you need guidance on the best retreat, I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation via phone or video call.
Divine Feminine Power Women

Divine Feminine Power Women's Retreats

Experience 5 days|4 nights of glorious healing. Release your blockages, connect to the divine, & learn to embrace your feminine power.
Embrace your Power
Meet your Angel Women

Meet your Angel Women's Retreat

Experience 5 days|4 nights of magic. Meet a member of your spiritual team, develop your psychic gifts, & move to the next step spiritually.
Meet your Angel
Private Spiritual Retreats

Private Spiritual Retreats

Get one-on-one guidance from Shawngela and IAM at a private retreat in Sedona, AZ, or Mount Shasta, CA.
Get Personal Healing

Join me Online

Join me online for one of my workshops or program. Learn how to master this creative world and connect more deeply to the Divine so that you can live your life mission. If you are unsure of what to select, I can give you guidance through a FREE 30-minute consultation via phone or video call.
Spiritual Healing Workshops

Spiritual Workshops

Choose between several workshops designed to help you connect to your source and understand how to manifest health and well-being in a creative world.
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Spiritual Power Program

Spiritual Power Program

When you are disconnected from the Divine or your Source, you are disconnected from your True Well-being. Become whole again with true Spiritual Healing.
I am Ready


Sharing our spiritual journey.

The two most significant improvements I feel I gained from going to Shawngela‘s workshop was number one, because I gained more clarity about the law of attraction, I was able to put my personal affirmations to real use! Therefore my vibration raised and new opportunities presented themselves to me in a positive way. I took advantage of those new opportunities.

The second is that my communication with my spirit guides has increased and answers have become clearer and easier to understand. I learned to ask and to better receive the information they were presenting me with..

My experience with Shawngela was nothing less than amazing. I booked Shawngela during her Spiritual Retreat June 5th 2021. I had such an amazing journey during the retreat. Shawngela was prompt and stayed in contact with me prior to our session. I was provided resources and tools after the session to help educate myself further, which has been great information. She was very informative during our session and helped confirm things I was seeking during my journey to Sedona. I’ll be booking the spiritual coaching session next and I look forward to working closely with her. Definitely a must if you’re visiting Sedona!!