Embrace your Spiritual Power to Heal

Our mission at Seek Within You is to help you embrace your spiritual power to heal your mind, body, and spirit.  

In practical terms, what does it mean to embrace your spiritual power and how can that help you heal from the past, have great relationships, find your sense of purpose, heal physically, obtain wealth & success, or anything else you desire? 

What does Spiritual Power mean?

Listen to IAM, Shawngela's spiritual guides, explain spiritual power. Shawngela also shares how she began to embrace her spiritual power.

Embracing your spiritual powers means understanding who you are. You are a spiritual being first and foremost, housed in a physical body and living in a creative world as such. You have a non-physical part of you. You are not a machine placed here randomly on earth. That is not who you are.

Embracing your spiritual powers means that you understand that you are living in a creative world and as such can create every aspect of your life. In fact, you already have been. When you can understand how you have been creating your reality, you can embrace this spiritual power and become that, which you desire to become. There could be nothing holding you back except yourself.

When you embrace your spiritual powers, you acknowledge who you are, you acknowledge, and you forgive yourself for your current manifestations. You allow things to unfold. No one goes out to consciously create dis-ease or disharmony of the body, mind, or spirit. That is done from the unawakened consciousness.

When you start to embrace your spiritual powers, you can forgive that and let it go. You become empowered to improve your health, to improve your well-being, to find that joy, to let that joy come out from you, to be grateful, to be all that and more than we can ever impress upon you.

You are far more powerful than you can imagine. Embracing your spiritual powers also means you understand that everything around you is energy. Everything within you is energy. It is all energy. You steadily shift your consciousness to understand this awareness.

As you become one with who you truly are, you let go of the stories you've been told about who you are. You let go of the ego and you allow yourself to be guided from within.

You have been taught to rely on others. You have been taught to rely on your teachers, your parents - all those in authority who know best for you better than you know for yourself.

You've been taught to detach yourself from the essence that is within you and to rely on others and your ego. Your ego knows what's best for you. We are here to tell you that you are far more powerful than you can imagine. You have the creative universe within you. You can allow this to unfold and become the greatest version of yourself.

You can become anything that you desire. You do not have to be held back. You must embrace your spiritual powers and start the journey to close the gap between what you have been taught and who you actually are. Work every day to bridge that gap.

Embracing your spiritual powers also means developing a relationship with the non-physical or whatever you wish to call it - the Divine, God, Angels, Source, Guia, etc.  

The Divine is here to assist you and guide you. The Divine has been constantly communicating with you. Unfortunately, most do not hear; most do not understand, and most do not listen.

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Our book outlines the teachings of IAM.

Healing and the Law of Attraction

Manifest Health

You can heal. This is a creative universe and you are far more powerful than you can imagine. In this book, Shawngela Pierce and her Spiritual Guides outline a framework to help guide you on your path to healing; no matter what route that healing takes you. Whether that path is in conjunction with a doctor, healer or by yourself, is not important. Everyone has a unique path to healing. As such, this book is not written as a recipe book of techniques. However, some techniques are given as suggestions to help you in the beginning. This book is really designed to empower you in your role in healing and give you the tools you need to become whole again. One such tool is developing a relationship with your source. In this way, you follow your true path to healing.

Healing and the Law of Attraction delves into the following topics:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • How Disharmony is Created
  • Spirituality and Healing
  • Techniques to Raise your Vibrational Level to Health
  • Questions and Answers
Healing and the Law of Attraction Book