In this new millennium, a paradigm shift is occurring as to the nature of disease and health.  This paradigmenergy_female_image shift is due to our understanding of energy.  Absolutely, everything in the universe is energy, including humans, animals, nature and structures.  As we embrace this new concept we can learn to utilize and recognize this energy in order to impart a state of well-being on to ourselves.



The energy that is perceived by our senses and that which is not perceived by our senses vibrates at different frequencies.  Low frequencies vibrate slow and high frequencies vibrate fast. Low frequencies are associated with disharmony in the body and higher frequencies are associated with a state of well-being.  For instance, emotionally, low frequencies are associated with hatred, fear, worry, pessimism and doubt.  Higher frequencies are associated with love, peace, forgiveness and joy.  Physically, low frequencies are associated with pain and any disharmony of the physical state. Mentally, low frequencies are associated with agitation, depression, thoughts of fear, hatred, worry and any disharmony of the mental state.



Higher Source Energy

Each person is connected to a higher energy source, which vibrates fast.  When you are aligned with this higher energy source you are in optimal energy flow, i.e. a state of well-being.  You have opened up all your channels to receive this energy and are vibrating at a high level.  In essence, you have raised your vibration by opening up and allowing. Misalignment with higher source energy produces disharmony in the body.  Misalignment can also be described as an energy blockage in your physical, emotional and/or mental state, which thereby leads to disharmony in your physical, emotional and/or mental state.   The extent of the disharmony will depend on the extent of the blockage.  For instance, the blockage could result in a slight prickling sensation in the body or full blown physical pain.  The key to coming into and maintaining a state of well-being is to align yourself with source energy as much as possible and as long as possible.


In simplified terms, you align yourself by relaxing into it.  You basically, relax yourself into a state of well-being. You let go of the contracted state you have developed over the years and you relax into it. When you relax, you literally raise your vibration to that of health. It should also be pointed out that relaxation involves more than just the physical body, it also involves relaxing the mind so that thoughts freely flow through without judgment. This is considered a state of mindfulness. Healing also involves learning to focus and concentrate, which is a process perfected during meditation.


Seek Within You's mission is to awaken and inspire people to their own innate power to heal through channeled source. Seek Within You provides this training via retreats and online coaching.