5 Spiritual Practices for the New Year

5 Spiritual Practices for the New Year

When you think about the New Year, you generally think about new beginnings and letting the momentum of the transition jettison you into a new reality. Since there is generally a collective belief that the change of the year, also signifies a chance for internal change, the New Year can definitely be a great jumpstart to setting into motion your conscious creations.

Unfortunately, many people quickly fall back into old habits. Without a truly sustainable practice that moves you beyond the New Year and keeps you going year-round, much of your efforts will seem to be in vain. It will seem like what you are asking for can never be attained because you consistently lose your drive. This is where building a spiritual practice that is not only good for the New Year, but good for the entire year is pivotal.

Below we have listed 5 spiritual practices that you can undertake to move you past the offhand New Year's Resolutions you make to yourself and really get you centered and focused, which is important when practicing the law of attraction.

Each one of the activities we have listed builds upon the other. You can skip some of the steps if you choose, however, we highly recommend engaging in all of them.

Note: Although this article is aimed at the New Year, a new year for you can be any time of the year. This means, that if in 3 months from now, you feel you are going through a life transformation, then these steps still are applicable for helping you to maintain your momentum.

Step 1 - Reflect on the Previous Year

Reflecting on the good that has happened in your life is a great way to remove your focus on what has not happened, raise your vibration and to get you into alignment to receive goals that may have been elusive to you thus far.

Step 2 - Set your Intentions

Once you complete your reflections list, it is time to set your intentions for a new beginning. If you haven’t already done this exercise, it is a great way to define your goals. It works on the premise of first looking at what you don’t like and then using that information to determine what it is that you truly want to manifest in your life.

(The theme of this article is the 4th of July but the information holds true for any time of the year)

Step 3 - Tell a Different Story

Now that you have your list of intentions, you can use the information you have gathered to Tell a Different Story. Telling a Different Story involves affirmations but affirmations that start from a level that is believable to you and then steadily transitions to affirmations that are at a higher vibration.

This may seem contradictory, since in Setting Your Intentions Part 2, you rewrote your list in a high vibrational state. However, this information goes hand in hand. Use the higher vibrational statements as your topmost goal on your list. Then start from a lower level, at which you can believe right now and work your way to your highest level. This will make more sense once you read the information in Telling a Different Story.

Step 4 - Create or Update your Vision Board

After completing your new story, you can now visually reflect your desires on a vision board. If you have never done a vision board before, then you are in for a fantastic surprise. A vision board, in addition to telling a different story, is a great way to retrain your subconscious mind to think differently. When you do this, changes in your life happen naturally and continuously.

Step 5 - Start a Meditation Practice

With your vision board and your new story in hand, start a regular meditation practice to help to keep you on track. A regular meditation practice has many benefits that will help you to consciously create. Read the article below for more information on how meditation can help you.


Reasons for a Regular Meditation Practice

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Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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