Can Someone Else Heal You

Can Someone Else Heal You

According to the law of attraction, can someone else heal you? Listen in to IAM and Shawngela as they address this very question. The answer may surprise you.

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Thank you for joining me for another episode of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. In today's episode, we are going to talk about, Can someone heal you? 

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Let's take a moment and set our intentions for today's podcast. What is it that you would like answers to? Close your eyes and take a deep breath? Inhaling and exhaling,

Ask your question and let it go. The answers will come.

Can someone else heal you? The short answer is no. All healing is self-healing. It is you that must allow the healing to occur. 

Remember. You are living in the creative world. As such, you not only create your disharmonies, you also can create your health and your healing. There is no one who can do it for you.

You must do it for yourself. Now, in saying that, we will clarify what that means. But again, all healing is self healing and it is you, that must allow it. 

In your society it is believed that there are healers. There are those who will bring you the health and healing that you desire. What we are again saying is that no one heals you, you heal yourself. In having this knowledge, you become empowered in your destiny, in your ability to heal. 

Yes, we do acknowledge that there are those here who hold a vibration that you can heal from whatever you are experiencing. There are those who hold that trust. There are those who hold that trust and that faith and for them - what we call they have created for themselves, what we shall call a vortex of healing. Iin as such, it becomes easier to allow in their presence because they see in you a person who can heal or who is healed. That makes it easier for you to allow. But again, it is you that must allow.

When you are in the presence of those who do not believe that you can heal - we shall call this a vortex of doubt - it becomes more challenging for you to allow. Because you can literally feel their energy of doubt about your prognosis.

However, it is still you that must allow this healing because all healing is self-healing. When you hold the vibration that someone else heals you, you in effect disempower yourself. You do not place yourself in the position where you are the one who is controlling your destiny. You are the one creating every aspect of your life. Embrace your spiritual power and learn how to let go, learn how to allow and to heal. 

We are not saying that you should never see another one who calls themself a healer, but we are saying, what we are trying to impress upon you, is that the healing comes from you. 

And so it is you, that must allow, regardless of what the other says. Regardless of what the other feels about your condition. You are the one who must allow.

If you start to take control and start to embrace your power, you will experience phenomenal healing beyond your imagination. When you can let go, and we mean mostly from your limited beliefs, from your thoughts, from your subconscious thoughts on your conscious thoughts about your body. When you can let go, you can heal anything. Yes. We mean anything. The power is within you. You were only limited by your beliefs. 

So far, we have discussed what it means to embrace your spiritual power. We have talked about the importance of allowing the energy to flow. We have also discussed the basic principles of the law of attraction in this creative world.

We have discussed the importance of allowing. As we have mentioned here, allowing is the key. We have also talked about self-love. Loving yourself. Immersing yourself in love. 

We have talked about forgiveness. All of these are key factors in allowing - allowing the healing to occur. We will address your thoughts and because your thoughts that invoke feelings are creating your reality -  every aspect of it - so it is important for us to address. 

But what we are setting the foundation of are key factors that many do not address when they are referring to healing. Love yourself, forgive yourself, allow the energy to flow, allow yourself to heal...Because you are the creator of your reality and only you can let go and allow yourself to heal. 

If you cannot imagine how you can let go and do it, ask us, come to us, we shall guide you. Get assistance because once you can let go - and again, it's mostly your thoughts that are holding you in this vibration, that are telling you that you are sick and you are not.

You are home. You must come back home to the reality of who you are. You must let go of collective consciousness beliefs about the power of the mind and the body and what it can do. You must let go of misconceptions about aging, about every aspect of what man thinks the body is capable of doing. 

You are more powerful than you can imagine, but these are only words. If you do not learn to step into your power, if you do not start the journey, start now. Start with love. Start with forgiveness. Start with allowing the energy to flow. Start with the basics, but start. Start now.

In peace and love, IAM.

Thank you. IAM for that message. All healing is self healing. When I learned this concept, it was pretty mind blowing for me. It may not seem mind blowing to you, but to me, the idea that I'm the person who's controlling my healing - it's not something we're necessarily taught. 

We're always taught that someone else is going to heal us. Right. We were taught that as young people, as we go to the doctor, as we go to medical professionals, or even if you went the natural route, there's always like this healer. 

This is the terminology that we use.And so learning that I'm controlling this, that a, that's the groundbreaking teaching for me. I heal myself. Wow. And I heal myself based on how much I allow. Based on how much I am willing to let go of limiting beliefs. That's fascinating. 

What is even more fascinating is because we live in this creative world that everyone has, has different beliefs about certain medical professionals, certain healers per se. Right? 

So someone who is more inclined to the traditional route is going to be able to allow more, allow more healing when they're given, you know, advice or prescriptions by the medical community. 

Whereas, someone who has different level of beliefs - let's say they go the natural route or the non-traditional route - they're going to be more confident in the advice. In the guidance of that professional, that healer. They will be able to allow that healing to occur. Whereas if they went the traditional route, because they have a belief about that particular route, that they're not going to be able to allow themselves to heal.

That's very fascinating to me - this creative world and how we create our healing. So in that sense, you know, it can, seem overwhelming. How do you know who to go to? How do I know who's the person that that's going to help me to allow the most? That's the importance to me, of spiritual guidance - of going to your source to get guidance on what's the best route for you.  Because your source knows your route of least resistance.

Your source knows you better than you know yourself. So it is a matter of letting go of your ego and trying to control where you think you need to go and just allowing. Allowing the flow of the energy. Allowing yourself to let go and be guided to what you need, because perhaps, maybe you don't even need to go to someone else. Perhaps all the power that you need is just developing your faith and your belief in yourself.

Maybe that's all you need. Maybe all you needed to do was love yourself more, forgive yourself more. Right. But you cannot get to that conclusion when you think you know the answer. When you let your ego guide your healing process. Let go and allow. Llet go and allow. You can do it. 

So in this segment, I normally give a practical tip. So, my practical tip for just the idea that you heal yourself is to really start changing your mindset about it. Okay. if you're doing affirmations or the new story, as directed on my website. You can find it in my blog -  telling a different story. Add this to your story. All healing is self healing. You can add "I heal myself. I allow myself to heal" 

All of these are ways in which you can start shifting your mindset to let go of collective consciousness beliefs about healing - so that you allow healing to occur. A simple, very simple concept. But what we teach is about a steady letting go; a steady work on shifting your consciousness so that you can heal.

This show is not about quick fixes. This is about lifestyle changes - embracing your spiritual power and becoming. Becoming is not something you just do once and that's it. You become, and you continue to expand your consciousness. 

Another practical tip that I would like to offer you is to ask your source, how can you allow this healing to occur. If you're perplexed by it, don't understand what you need to do, ask. Write the question in your journal, set a reminder to remind you in a week or two to check this answer. And just allow the answer to come to you. 

How do you allow? Okay. Maybe they might say attend one of my workshops or come to a retreat here. Maybe they might say, listen to someone else on the radio because they had that exact answer that you need to hear.

Maybe they might say, read this book, or maybe you just will receive the answer. You'll just know what to do. If you receive an answer and are confused as to the origin - you're not quite sure - then ask for clarification. Ask again. Source I knowI received this answer, but I'm not quite sure if this was from you. Could you tell me again and make sure to give me a sign so I absolutely, positively know it is from you? 

I wanted to finish this podcast today with yet another guided meditation.  Now we've done this guided meditation before - the guided meditation for self healing -  and I imagine we're going to do it quite a few more times during the podcast. But this is really a good guided meditation to help you to let go and allow, as well as to help to move the energy.

I hope you enjoy.

Sit in a comfortable position.

Place a relaxed smile on your face. Close your eyes... relax.

Breathe from your lower abdomen.

As you inhale your lower abdomen expands as you exhale your lower abdomen relaxes.

Breathe in. Breathe out

Breathe in, breathe out.


Now let's do a quick body scan from your feet, all the way to the top of your head.

Pay particular attention to your lower back, your shoulders and your jaw.

If any of these areas need relaxing, take a moment and breathe into them. Inhale, exhale.

Allow that  area to relax.

Inhale exhale.

Allow relaxation

Relax your shoulders. Bring your elbows to an approximate 90 degree angle. Place your hands together and rub them -  keeping your shoulders and everything relaxed. We are building energy in your hands.

Now spread your hands apart, approximately one inch, so that the palms are facing each other, but not touching.

Place your awareness on your hands.

Bring your focus to your fingertips and the palms of your hands. Just notice if there are any sensations between the palms of your hands.

Now inhale, and spread your hands apart until you no longer feel that sensation.

Exhale and bring your hands back to each other, but not touching.

Inhale and spread them apart. Remember to keep your wrist, elbows and shoulders relaxed.

Exhale, bring them back together. Do this for several more breaths.

As you continue to do this, you may start to feel a sensation growing between your hands.

Visualize this energy growing between your hands as a ball of light.

Now this ball of light can be any color or no color. It can also change colors. Allow the image of the ball to come to you.

And expand this ball of light

And contract the ball of light

Inhale, expand. Exhale, contract.

Inhale, expand the ball of light. Exhale, contract.

Now imagine this same ball of light is now surrounding your entire body.

As you inhale, this ball of light surrounding you expands. As you exhale this ball of light contracts around your entire body.

Inhale and expand the ball of light around you.

Exhale and contract it.

Continue this visualization for a moment. As we create another ball of light. 

Inhale and expand the ball of light. Exhale and contract. 

Now this ball of light, may be a different color than the first one or no color at all. That is okay. Allow the image of the ball of light to come to you.

Again, inhaling and expanding the ball of light. Exhaling and contracting.

Do that for a few more breaths.

Remembering if anytime you find your mind has wandered, come back to the visualization. You are now in the present moment.

Now imagine this ball of light now surrounds your entire body.

And expand the ball of light and contract.

Now return your awareness to your hands. Again, we are creating another ball of light. 

Inhale, expand the ball of light. Exhale and contract. 

This ball of light could be any color or no color. Allow the image of the ball of light to come. Inhale expand the ball of light. 

Now this ball of light now surrounds your entire body. Expand the ball of light around your entire body and contract. 

Expand the ball of light around your entire body. 

Do this for several more breaths.

As you continue to expand and contract the ball of light around your entire body, set your intention for what you desire to experience today.

Now release the image of the ball of light, trusting that this ball of light surrounds you throughout the day.

Now give thanks to five things for which you are grateful for today.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Namaste

I hope you enjoyed that guided meditation. You can find that in our online store at https://www.seekwithinyou.com/store 

Again, today's special was to save 15% off our group coaching. Where we meet every other week for four months so that you can embrace your spiritual power and manifest health. All types of health -  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I look forward to having you in my class. 

Thank you again for joining me for another episode of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. 

I look forward to you listening to us next week. 

In peace and love. Namaste.

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Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a spiritual healer, podcaster, and author from Sedona, Arizona. Shawngela helps those who seek to heal by learning to embrace their spiritual power and connect to the voice within. She invites you to see yourself in a new spiritual light. You can manifest health if you awaken to your power and allow it to guide you. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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