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Energy Medicine

Basic Philosophy


Everything in the universe, including humans is energy. Energy is all around us.  Everything our senses perceive is energy as well as everything our senses do not perceive.

Another way to explain this is that everything is composed of atoms. These atoms are further composed of subatomic particles, which are fluctuations of energy.  The basic subatomic particles are electrons, protons and neutrons. 

Levels of Energy

Energy vibrates at different frequencies. There are low frequencies, high frequencies and frequencies that range between the two.  Low frequencies vibrate slow and high frequencies vibrate fast.  Low frequencies are associated with disharmony in the body and higher frequencies are associated with a state of well-being.  For instance, emotionally, low frequencies are associated with hatred, fear, worry, pessimism and doubt.  Higher frequencies are associated with love, peace, forgiveness and joy.  Physically, low frequencies are associated with pain and any disharmony of the physical state. Mentally, low frequencies are associated with agitation, depression, thoughts of fear, hatred, worry and any disharmony of the mental state.

Higher Source Energy

Each person is connected to a higher energy source, which vibrates fast.  When you are aligned with this higher energy source you are in optimal energy flow, i.e. a state of well-being.  You have opened up all your channels to receive this energy and are vibrating at a high level.  In essence, you have raised your vibration by opening up and allowing. Misalignment with higher source energy produces disharmony in the body.  Misalignment can also be described as an energy blockage in your physical, emotional and/or mental state, which thereby leads to disharmony in your physical, emotional and/or mental state.   The extent of the disharmony will depend on the extent of the blockage.  For instance, the blockage could result in a slight prickling sensation in the body or full blown physical pain.  The key to coming into and maintaining a state of well-being is to align yourself with source energy as much as possible and as long as possible.

In simplified terms, you align yourself by relaxing into it.  You basically, relax yourself into a state of well-being. You let go of the contracted state you have developed over the years and you relax into it. When you do this, you are in a state of raising your vibration.

Alignment with Energy

How do you know if you are in a state of misalignment?  

You monitor how well you are allowing by learning to monitor how you feel.  In essence, you become self-aware.  If you are feeling bad then you are disallowing.  You are in a contracted state and the energy cannot flow through you freely. In other words, there is a blockage of higher source energy.  When you feel good emotionally, mentally and/or physically, then you are opening your body to the higher source energy flow.

Energy Health & Feelings Table

 Self-Healing ebook

An excerpt taken from the ebook, Awakening to the Healing Powers Within: An Energetic Perspective on Self-Healing


Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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