Changing your Mindset for Healing

Changing your Mindset for Healing

Changing your mindset or subconscious mind is pivotal for healing in a creative world. When you open to possibilities that you can heal, you literally open the door to create this in your reality. Without changing your mindset, you will be held in the limiting belief systems of yourself, others and the collective. This is law of attraction and spiritual healing.

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Welcome to Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM,  I'm your host Shawngela Pierce. In today's episode we are going to talk about changing your mindset for health and healing. 

Before we begin, let's talk about this week's special, which is not quite actually a special. It is actually a 30-day challenge. It is a 30-day challenge to steadily help you shift your mindset. To shift your mindset towards embracing your spiritual power; towards health and healing; towards shifting your subconscious mind. I created this challenge for 2021 to begin the new year with the brand new start. It's a great way to jettison your desires and to put you focus on what it is that you wish to accomplish this year and moving forward. 

So to sign up for my 30-Day Challenge, visit my website at seewithinyou.com/lawofattractiontips with an S and you can sign up for that 30-Day Challenge. I promise you, you will enjoy it. 

Let's take a moment and set our intentions for today's podcast. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now ask your source your question about changing your mindset. What questions do you need answers to? What are you supposed to gain from this insight? Ask your source for clear signs so that you know this is your answer. Now, let it go and allow the answers to come to you. 

Changing your mindset - IAM

Today we will talk about the shifting of your mind to create your reality. Today, we talk about the importance of your thoughts. How your thoughts are creating your reality. Today we talk about shifting your old beliefs, so that you can become that which you desire. All that you desire. You have thus lived your life with certain beliefs. Certain belief systems that hold you in that particular vibration.  

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Most of these beliefs do not serve you or they do not serve mankind. But what we want to impress upon you is that you cannot shift your mindset quickly. Steady focus on this is all that is required. When you try to shift too fast, havoc occurs that you cannot handle. Emotions are released that you cannot handle. Vibrations raise and again releases things that you cannot cope with at this time. So we encourage you to take your time. Relax and steadily change your mindset. One day at a time - that is all it takes. It may seem like you want to rush and move faster, but we encourage you to take your time. 

Now we return to your mindset. Many of you believe - have certain beliefs about what the body can do because you've been immersed in this in your society. Your society has given you ideas of what the body is capable of doing and thus, you limit what your body can do. 

You hold on to the collective consciousness beliefs about certain aspects of your body. And again, we are encouraging you to steadily release that - to surround yourself with those who believe the body is capable of more. Because when you do that you open to the creative forces of the universe. The universe cannot give you what you will not allow yourself to be given.  

If you limit yourself by your thoughts, then that is the highest vibration that you can reach. We encourage you to embrace your spiritual power and open up to more, even if you don't know what that more is. 

If you open your mind to possibilities. That can be your new story.: “I open my mind to possibilities; Please show me what I am capable of doing; Please show me that I can heal; Please show me the way.” When you do that you allow us to show you. You open the door for healing. You open the door for raising your vibration, for changing your mindset. For again we cannot help you, if you do not open to this. If you are telling us what your body is capable of doing, then that is what you will manifest. 

But again, if you open that door, we will show you because you are far more powerful than you can imagine. Let us show you. There are many ways to shift your mindset. I'm sure you have encountered many from many teachers here on your planet. And we have encouraged many of them to show you. That may seem confusing to you - the plethora of choices out there on how to change your mindset. But we encourage you to ask us for guidance for that  which will help you the most. Because the answers are already there. If this seems too much for you, too much for you to hear us guide you, then start with a simple story. Start with changing your stories about your reality. Start with that. Start with every day telling a different story because that again opens the door for possibilities. Opens the door for us to help you. 

If your new story is: “my mind is open to possibility.” Say that every day and your mind will shift and it will open to possibilities. When you say that I understand my source, then you shift your mind to understand your source. You open the door for that guidance. It is all about a shift in mindset. All of our episodes have been about shifting your mindset to love yourself, shifting your mindset to forgive yourself. So you let go of all of this anger and resentment that has been holding you in that vibration. You let go, then shift your mindset to forgiveness, to loving yourself.  

When you open your mindset and allow the energy to flow as we have discussed before, when you shift into understanding that we are all energy and you must allow the energy to flow, then things change. If this is something that you do not remember, at this moment, then add that to your story. 

We are all energy. We are all energy. Again, it's about shifting to embracing this, to becoming this. Every time you listen to us, you shift in your mindset. Every time you listen to those who know that the body is capable of more than what you've been told, you shift your mindset. Stay grounded, stay surrounded by those who are shifting into this new paradigm. 

Place your focus there, try your best to focus more of your attention there than you have in your old mindset. Set the intention to change to shift, day by day, moment by moment, you can do this. Just putting one foot in front of the other will help you. We will be by your side. We will be guiding you. Continue to listen to us. We give you little bits and pieces at a time. Because this is again about a steady flow.

Changing your mindset is big. We will touch upon this again. In fact we touch upon it every week. Everything we say is about changing your mindset so that you allow. So that you open to us, open to healing. When you can open your mindset and say I can heal from this; when you can hold that vibration you can heal; when you can place your steady focus towards that, towards the fact that you can heal; when you ask us to show you people who have healed from what you are experiencing, we will show you because you are opening the door to this. And this helps you to believe. This helps you to let go of what others think your body is capable of doing. Surround yourself in this. Immerse yourself in this. Come together with those who know. We will help you find them. But you must allow us to.  You can heal we promise you. 

Again, steadily changing your mindset - steadily, steadily, steadily.  Open right now. Say right now. I open my mind to possibilities. Write it down. Place it on your wall. Place it on your vision board. Place it on your window, in the bathroom. Place it somewhere where you see it every day. I open my mind to possibility and allow it. Allow.

In peace in love, IAM 

Practical Tips - Shawngela

Thank you IAM for that lovely message. Changing your mindset.  Well, that's what this is all about. As we are on our spiritual journey, our mission is really to change our mindset so that we can heal. When we allow, we are changing our mindset, right? We are letting go of that restrictive belief, whatever that is. We're letting go and we're allowing that energy to flow. It's just that simple. 

Letting go of whatever is holding you back is mostly going to be within your subconscious mind; what you've been trained to believe throughout your life. And whether you are aware of it or not, collective consciousness, thoughts about health are a part of your belief system. So it's really about changing your mindset so that you can raise your vibration beyond that which the collective believes in. 

There are many collective thoughts that I didn't even realize that I held on to. Like the thoughts about what happens to your body as it ages; the thoughts about what happens to your body as you experience a cold, or just all these different belief systems. Well, I even taught human anatomy and physiology. So that was a part of my collective beliefs of what - you know - I was taught to know about the body. And then I pass that on to my students. And so this type of mindset was something that I had to and quite frankly, still continuously shift my mindset about. I continuously just work with IAM in letting go of telling the body this story and start telling the body a new story - a new story that embraces a new paradigm of where we are headed, and where we are headed as a collective people. 

We are shifting to understand the energy of this universe, the fact that we are living in a creative world. We are shifting to that new paradigm. Keeping up with that part of continuing my journey, is continuing in the shift in my mindset - of the possibilities of what my body can do. Iinviting IAM to show me something new every day. Inviting IAM to show me what my mind and what my body is capable of doing. And I'm finding it to be quite an amazing adventure. Quite an amazing adventure of how I can directly see how my mind is affecting my body and what I've been - you know - I've trained myself to believe about certain aspects. And when I just shift ever so slightly - I just shift and things change. Very fascinating. 

For instance, like the symptoms that you get when you are getting sick. You know those symptoms for yourself - what those are. And generally what happens is as you're getting sick you - it's almost like you switch on all those beliefs. Like oh, I'm about to get sick. I feel this way. Now my body's gonna do this now. It's gonna do that. And so you're basically feeding into that. You're telling that story. And so therefore, you're creating that reality. When you can just shift that mindset. And just say  I'm healed.  I feel better. I know my body is capable of healing itself. 

Whatever that story is for you that is believable for you. If you can just shift that and open the door for your body to do something different, you will be amazed at what can happen. I was very amazed that just shifting that and letting go of all these, you know stories I've told myself about this - you know what happens when I get sick. You know the physiology of all that.Let it go. Shift it. Change the story and then you open the door for your body to be healed, to raise its vibration beyond this virus, beyond whatever it is that is happening to your body.

But it takes time to do this. It takes time to remember to do it. It's about, you know, immersing yourself in this journey of just day by day shifting what you used to believe into something new. That is the journey. That's the fun part if you make it fun, right? 

Because last week, we talked about being too serious and being too serious  is going to cause you to restrict. So what we are saying is not to be so serious about it. Let it go and let it flow. Laugh about it. Have fun with it. Shift your mindset. Laugh about those old beliefs that you have. Just shift steadily, every day. Allow, allow allow. Just that simple. 

Now in this section, you know of course I give you practical tips. The first practical tip is just to sign up for my 30-day tips and inspiration series that is going to help you in shifting your mindset. That's a tip, seekwithinyou.com/lawofattractiontips. Okay, that's one practical tip that you can do to steadily change your mindset. 

Another one, of course, is just listening to us every week. That's going to help you immerse yourself in those who believe that the body is capable of more than what you think it is. Okay, it's a steady mindset. You won't be able to grasp it all at once. And that's okay. In time you will as you continue to put your focus on it. You continue to retrain your subconscious mind to think differently. And that's the key to just shift and think differently. Okay so, again, the 30-Day Challenge, listening to us every week. 

Signing up for our newsletter, that's also a way to immerse yourself in that - those teachings and getting messages all the time. All the while learning little tips here and there and then over time, you'll be able to incorporate them little by little. Okay, you can of course, sign up for our newsletter on our website at the bottom. There's a link to sign up to our newsletter there. 

Another practical tip that you can do is really surround yourself with people who are making that shift. One place that I like to go to is meetup.com. And it's not a dating site. I know a lot of you probably already know about meetup.com. But they have communities there with people who are shifting their mindset, who are raising their vibration to the next level. 

Find a group of people that embrace your new belief systems, embrace where you're trying to reach to, and join that group. You know right now they may not have any sessions that are in person and that's okay. But join the group and start communicating with those people so that you can steadily change your mind. 

Okay, Facebook also has groups that you can join if you are so inclined to use Facebook.If you're not, you know, then again meetup or there are other resources as well. You can ask your source to guide you to a group of people that will help you in your journey. That will help shift you because you know what you surround yourself with affects your vibrational level. So if you're surrounded by people who have this certain….Who hold on to certain beliefs at a lower vibration - that you can’t heal - that this isn't possible, that is impossible - then you're going to stay, hold yourself or keep yourself in that vibration. So again, it's important to immerse yourself in an environment that supports your new growth, your new paradigm, your new desire to shift to the higher level. 

Another thing that you can do is a vision board. I love vision boards. Vision boards are an excellent way to just steadily change your mindset about things. Put your focus on what you desire, right? Because what you see every day, what you tell yourself every day is getting ingrained in your subconscious mind and that's going to be reflected in the reality that you see. So let's immerse ourselves in an environment that's going to shift what we see. A vision board is yet another way to help you shift your mindset. 

If you don't know how to create a vision board, go on our YouTube channel, Seek Within You. You can find the video on creating a vision board. It is a short video because it's a really simple process. You know, you can get a board - a poster board, if you like, you know, or there's other ways you know, you can get a cork board or whatever it is, whatever inspires you. And really place out what it is that you envision. What it is that you would like to experience. Okay

Now, you know, to be more focused, there's a way to be more focused on just one aspect of your life at a time, right. You can choose to purchase our spiritual guidance workbook. In the beginning of that it talks about how to narrow in on the areas of your life that you want to focus on, so that you're not too dispersed or you're not trying to do too much at a time because that can be overwhelming.  

So if you like - you know - it's in our online store. You can go ahead and purchase that and it'll give you a little - you know - a way to help you in becoming your best version and healing your body. But doing it in a way that you can sustain without it being too overwhelming for you. All right. And I don't want you to think that this is all about, you know, me trying to sell you something or to purchase something. Really everything that I have created is to be of service to others, to help you to shift to the next paradigm. So yes, I will refer to those products that I have created with IAM's inspiration. But it doesn't mean that you have to purchase it, you know. There are other ways to do this. There are other teachers out there. If you are guided to them, then go. Go to them and be guided. You know maybe you need this from this person or that from this person. Whatever it is, it is okay but we have products for your development if you so choose to use them. So view that in an open heart. That you are open to receive whatever is out there to help you on your journey. 

Okay. So again, change your mindset. Change your mind that you can do it. I can see you doing it. I'm holding the vibration that you are doing it. I am seeing you right now in a new place.In a higher vibration, with a healthier body, with a healthier mind. I am seeing you. Close your eyes and envision yourself right now doing what it is that you desire. If it is, you know, let's say it is your back that is giving you distress, then see yourself being flexible, moving your body. See yourself being who you want to be. See yourself doing what it is that you want to do. I'm holding the vibration for you. Hold it for yourself as well. That you can be and do and have whatever it is that you desire. 

Relax and allow the vision to come to you. And what you can do right now is ask your source to show you what is possible - to just show you what is possible.  Allow that vision to come to you. Just let it go by relaxing your face and just allow it to come to you. Allow that vision towards what is possible - what is possible for me. Show me. Then let it go. Let it go. Open your eyes. 

Smile and know that the answer to the vision will come to you. If it didn't come to you then, it will come to you. Just let it go. Allow it, okay. 

Let's shift our mindset again, visit our site at seekwithinyou.com/lawofattractiontips to get our 30 day law of attraction tips and inspiration challenge. 

Thank you again for joining me for another episode of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. 

I look forward to seeing you next week. In peace and love. Namaste!

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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a spiritual healer, podcaster, and author from Sedona, Arizona. Shawngela helps those who seek to heal by learning to embrace their spiritual power and connect to the voice within. She invites you to see yourself in a new spiritual light. You can manifest health if you awaken to your power and allow it to guide you. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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