Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 96

Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 96

Are you paying attention to how you feel when your work day ends? If you are not in the habit of assessing how you feel when you come home, make a point to do so starting now.

When you come home from work or even if you are working from home, shift the energy that you carry by literally shaking it up. Remember, we are all energetic beings and in order to raise our vibration, we must allow the energy to flow. 

If our energy is stuck because of negative thoughts, then it has a negative effect on us physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. In law of attraction terms, this means we are restricting, i.e. not allowing. As a result, we restrict ourselves from becoming a vibrational match to what we desire - health, success, joy, confidence, etc. 

Shake it Off

When you laugh, you shake off the lower vibrational energy and break the connection of how negative thoughts cause negative affects.

If you can imagine this negative thought as a ball of energy, you literally break this ball apart by laughing. It can no longer fit into cellular sockets in your body that cause disruption. You literally break it into pieces and it no longer fits.

Sounds like a weird analogy, however it is just a way to get you to shift your idea of how you view the world. Shift into a new paradigm of vibrations and energy. 

If you can start thinking of your life in this way, instead of trying to analyze what this thought means about you or about others, you will make transitioning to the next higher energetic level easier. 

There is no need to try to figure things out. The egoic mind could never do it anyway. Let’s release the idea that you can fully understand this universe from the logical mind, and start embracing our spiritual power to consciously create a better life.

Laughter Meditation

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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a spiritual healer, podcaster, and author from Sedona, Arizona. Shawngela helps those who seek to heal by learning to embrace their spiritual power and connect to the voice within. She invites you to see yourself in a new spiritual light. You can manifest health if you awaken to your power and allow it to guide you. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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