Practice Visualizations for Healing

Practice Visualizations for Healing

In this creative world, the mind and your thoughts are king. By using visualization you can retrain your subconscious mind and therefore your body to vibrate at a different level. In essence, you raise your vibration and allow the lower vibratory energy to be released. This stuck physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual energy is holding you back from true health. Open to a basic form of spiritual healing.

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Welcome to Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. I am your host Shawngela Pierce. In today's episode we are going to talk about visualizations for healing. Before we begin, let's talk about this week's special. Save an additional $50 off our law of attraction workshop either online or in Sedona by entering the code: justforyou50 - all words spelled out “justforyou50”. 

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Let's take a moment and set our intentions for today's podcast:

What is it that you would like to gain from this?

What information do you seek?

Take a deep breath, slowly inhaling and exhaling

Ask your question, and let it go. Allow the answer to come to you. Surrender to it. Surrender

Visualizations for Healing - IAM

As we have discussed before your mind is very very powerful.

What you see in your mind's eye is what will manifest in your reality.

Assuming that you allow. Remember, what you ask for is given a hundred percent of the time, but you must allow it.
When you visualize, you are allowing. You are also asking as well.

Visualization is a way to retrain your subconscious mind. It sets a new vibration for the subconscious. It raises your subconscious to another level.  It says this is how I see my reality.

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Regardless of what is happening in this what you say see as your present moment, in actuality what you are visualizing is your present moment. Because your mind does not know the difference between what it is visualizing and what you are actually seeing in that moment.

So your visualization is your present moment and you know that it is given to you by the way that you feel. When you visualize, when you feel good, when you feel your heart is open, you know that that is who you are. You have become that. That is the truth; that is the reality, but like all, it requires you to allow.

So if you are on this journey of healing, when you start to visualize, it may be challenging for you to hold the vibration that you are healed.

But we promise you, if you continue to visualize, if you continue to work on it but not force it. Allow the visualization to come to you, then you will raise your vibration to the point where you feel good. When you think about your health and your well-being and you can visualize it the way that feels best to you, you can visualize your DNA radiating light. You can visualize your cells radiating light. You can visualize your organs radiating light. You can visualize your entire body radiating light for that is who you are. In essence you are light,you are energy. You are the highest vibration of energy. You are love.

If you like you can visualize your organs smiling. If that is an easier visualization for you then do that. You can visualize a ball of light around your entire body around your organs around your dna and that ball of light is bright and shiny. That bright light may even be a color and that's okay. Allow the visualization to come to you, but if you can train your mind to see your body in a different light, then you will transform your body. You will literally start changing your DNA so that it is reflecting what is in your mind.

It is as simple as that. Visualizations are very, very, very powerful. You may have heard this through other teachers because we teach all this powerful method.

The way in which you visualize again can be your own style, your own personal flair on it but make it feel good to you. Have it feel good to you. If you like to use sacred symbols, use sacred symbols in your visualizations. If you need guidance on the best way for you to visualize for you to be able to hold that vibration, seek guidance from us and ask, we will guide you.

We do love the light shining. We do love that vibrancy - that ready radiating light. But we also like other methods as well. Come to us. Ask us, we will guide you.

Make visualizations a part of your healing protocol as you are loving yourself and moving that energy, as you are forgiving yourself and moving that energy. as you are opening your orifices and moving that energy, so shall you move energy through the power of your mind's eye  - through the power of your visualizations.

Move that stagnant energy that is saying something else in your body that is not true. Train your body; train your body to allow the energy to flow, to radiate light, to radiate that which you are.

You can do it. Relax into it; do not force it, because when you force, you resist. If you are at, let's say using our arbitrary vibrational scale, let's say you are at a vibration of 25 but you want to envision your health and we'll say that's arbitrarily at 80.

Now you may not be able to jump to visualizing yourself healthy at 80 and that's okay. Start where you can believe. Start simply. Usually in the beginning it's easier for you to visualize your entire body healthy. Visualizing a ball of light around your entire body. Then you can start narrowing in on the rest of your body, on your organs and then your cells and then your DNA.

If you can embrace your DNA in the beginning, then do that. If you cannot it is okay because it matters not.

What matters is you doing it. What matters is your intention. What matters is the free-flowing visualization - not one that is restricted with you trying to force something that you're not ready to hold the vibration for. Just allow it to come in its shell. We promise you, if you need help again, come to us, seek guidance if you are visualizing in the moment, ask for us in that moment to help you to hold the vibration of health and we shall be there.

Allow it, and of course, what you do outside of your visualizations is important as well. It is not to your benefit to visualize and have this wonderful feelings of visualization and you just feel yourself healthy but throughout the day you ignore how you feel, you ignore the thoughts in your mind that are causing chaos. 

You ignore other things. This is why we advocate for a steady movement towards health. In that way, you can develop skill sets and lifestyle skills to support your newfound desire to be healthy, to allow health into your reality.

And you don't have to be perfect because there is no such thing. Do your best; smile.

Don't be so serious. As we have talked about before. laugh your way through it. Smile your way through it. Be grateful through it.

Do all this and you shall allow health into your reality. It is as simple as that. You will be guided to what you need. The people you need; what you need to consume. All of that will come into your reality when you can let go. What you think is best for you, when you can see this as an energy blockage, when you can let go of what you think, you know and allow yourself to be guided, and allow yourself to vibrate, allow the energy to flow - allow, allow, allow … You shall be healed. We promise you. 

Hold that vibration, build your trust with us. You are healed. We pronounce it now,you are healed. Believe it; feel it in your core. If you feel the shivers right now, that is us. You are healed, but you must become a vibrational match to that. We will show you; we will guide you. Continue to listen to us. In peace and love, IAM. 

Practical Tips - Shawngela

Thank you I AM for that lovely message - the power of visualization. Yes, it is very powerful. It’s a very powerful way to heal your body, to heal your mind, to heal your spirit, because what you are visualizing is in that present moment. It really is a way to glimpse that it is already done. That you already have this health.

It is just a matter of allowing;

It's as simple as that. When we say simple, however, learning to allow it's the journey. Learning to surrender is the journey. It's the journey for all of us. It gets easier every day but it is the journey, and learning to visualize is key to your healing process. 

And don't be concerned about how much you can visualize now because sometimes we've restricted our mind so much that it takes a little bit longer for you to visualize. It's more like there's a blockage of energy in your brain region so you just need to allow the energy to flow and then you'll be able to visualize. 

I remember in the beginning of my visualization practice, I didn't see the ball of light, I didn't see it at all. I could feel it but i didn't see it. And it took time for me to be able to relax my mind and allow the energy to flow in that area. For me to see it and be able to visualize. Being able to visualize the ball of light, the light around my organs, the light around myself and getting into the DNA - that took time for me.

It may not take time for you because it's different for everyone don't judge yourself, don't think of yourself as a failure like you know you're not there when other people describe that they're seeing it. That's okay because this is your journey and where you are at. Because we all have time here we all have time to heal. You may not think you have time to heal but you do because you hear it all the time - miracles happen and it's really just allowing and dramatic allowing  - a jump in vibrational level so it can happen. It can happen for you; it is better to really learn to take this steady because too high of a vibrational jump makes it challenging to remain at that high vibration. Until you fall back into other habits, okay so really start your visualization practice.

Start visualizing. If you've listened to our other podcast before, you will have heard one of our guided meditations for self-healing. That in itself is a visualization because you're visualizing this ball of light. You're visualizing, so if you need a little start with that you can try that. You can also just ask for guidance. 

Like how do I start with this visualization for myself? What do I visualize? What do i visualize right because you may think right, so say that you think it's your kidneys or is your liver that's that's really there's a problem there. And so you might want to try to direct that energy towards that area. But maybe that's just too much. Maybe that's not really the problem, maybe it's something else. If you let go and allow yourself to be guided then you'll know what you need to do. Maybe just in the beginning you just need to hold a ball of light around your entire body and in that sense it's like you're loving your entire body you're not putting any specific focus on any part. You're just loving your entire body and you're allowing that energy to flow. Allowing it to flow where it needs to go without you directing it.

Okay so maybe that's what you need to do.

Now, again, in this section we give a practical tip for you although you just heard a whole bunch of tips. We're gonna specifically give a tip for visualizations. Okay i like to do a visualization right after my meditation practice, It is a great way that you know my mind is relaxed.

I just finished my meditation and I can start to visualize whatever my goal is, whatever I’m working towards so then, just relax and I ask for I AM to help me with this visualization and then they guide the flow and I just allow myself to see it. And then become it and i'm finding this to be very very interesting in what they are showing me about how i can hold the light for my body and for my healing very powerful in its in i don't know i don't know how to say it in this concept it's just it's just very powerful what i have been shown

Okay and they'll show you what you need for you. For me it is I'll just tell you what they've been showing me so far. 

So we've been going through like a ball of light, but this ball of light is deepening in its complexity, and so I'm trying to think of the best way of describing this ball of light. And many times there's like a mandala around it; it's like this if you think about a snowflake of patterns around this ball of light and it's very beautiful. And I can't always hold the vibration very long. You know, it holds as long as it's gonna hold okay and then sometimes I can hold that vibration around my organs and and then around my cells and dna but it's something that has been evolving.  So it evolved from just a ball of light around my body that at first I didn't even see, and then I was able to see it.

It wasn't white, it was the different colors. It used to change colors, now it's more steadily white and then you know it evolved towards… Now I can visualize, you know, the white light around my cells and then they, you know, they're guiding me more and more as I open more and more as I allow more and more - right. I can see more and more and I really love it when I see those patterns around the ball of light. It feels so comforting it feels so healing to me

It is something that you really can't describe. You have to feel it for yourself. I’m always amazed especially like in our workshops, as I guide my participants on this ball of light and how they all just transform. They feel it.

And they want more of it. It’s that powerful - that's how powerful your mind is - very very powerful. They tell me all the time more powerful than I can imagine and I imagine a lot and I'm like give me more because I want to know more but I'm not ready for it. So that's fine. 

In time, I won't be okay because this is a lifelong journey that we all continue on, okay. You can do it in resistance or you can do it through allowing, through surrendering through, loving yourself,through forgiving yourself. 

You're noticing these things if you're listening to me week by week. Yes saying the same thing over and over again but it is a part of the journey. It is what is necessary to heal yourself to truly come home to who you are as a spiritual being in a physical body. You are powerful but you must allo. You must allow through not being so serious, to allow the energy to flow through your orifices. It’s being open.

It is just that simple; the simplicity of it is almost mind-boggling, we make it too complicated. In all the things we think we have to do but really we're already asking and it already is done. We just have to allow it and then we have to really allow it in many respects. Our belief system to change, to recognize that we don't have to try to figure it out it's already done. Just let go; just let go okay.

Again, thank you for joining me. This is episode 12. I'm so excited to be doing this podcast. It is a very wonderful and healing experience for me and i hope it is for you as well. This week's special was the law of attraction workshop you can save an additional $50 by putting in the code at checkout “justforyou50” and that is in addition to any early bird specials that are already in place. You can just go to our website at and sign up. I love love love to see you there to help you on your journey

Because you're worth it

You may think that no you don't need it because you know you already know this but believe you me, you will be transformed in this workshop I promise you.

Love to have you … love love to have you. Alright thank you and again join me next week for another episode of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM.

Peace and love. Namaste!

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Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a spiritual healer, podcaster, and author from Sedona, Arizona. Shawngela helps those who seek to heal by learning to embrace their spiritual power and connect to the voice within. She invites you to see yourself in a new spiritual light. You can manifest health if you awaken to your power and allow it to guide you. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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