How to Embrace your Spiritual Power

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In this day and age, the majority of people on this planet are living in a world that only sees itself in physical form. The concept of something non-physical or spiritual in nature is not at the forefront of most people’s awareness.

When you are living in this framework or 3rd dimensional view of the world, you subject yourself to “unspeakable” chaos in the world. You also subject yourself to the control of others. When you are unawakened on how you create your reality and your connection to source, you can easily be manipulated in many ways.

You can be told things about your health that are not true. You can be controlled by fear. You can be controlled by the media. You can be controlled by any mechanism from people that seek to maintain the status quo.

We don’t mean this to sound conspiratorial but it is true that there are those in power who do not have the best interest of the collective in mind.

None of this, however, is relevant in a world where you understand your spiritual power. When you awaken to your power, you start to see the illusion of it all. You start to see your role and ability to rewrite another story for yourself and the world. You also start hearing the messages of the truth from your source.

The more of you who do this, the more the planet shifts into a more peaceful, healthy, and sustainable place to live.

Embracing your Spiritual Power

To help in your understanding of how to embrace your spiritual power, we have outlined 5 basic principles.

Some of the concepts overlap but they help to paint a picture of what is needed for you to fully realize your potential.

Principle 1: Embrace your spiritual essence

You are a spiritual being first and foremost. You are not a machine randomly placed here on earth. When we say a spiritual being, you can break this down even further. You are a spiritual being that is energy and this energy vibrates. As a result, you can also consider yourself a vibrational being or an energetic being. Regardless of the title, we want to impart upon you that you are more than your physical body.

Just as you are more than your physical body, there is more to this world or universe than the physical world. There are spiritual beings of which you cannot “access” with your five senses, meaning there are entities who are here on this planet in non-physical form. These non-physical forms are energetic and vibrational as well. Some of these non-physical beings vibrate at the highest energetic level of love and others do not.

Principle 2: Embrace your connection to source

Everyone is connected to a higher energy source. This means everyone is connected to the non-physical, whether you call this God, source, spiritual guides, universe, etc. This higher energy source vibrates fast and everyone has the ability to vibrate at this high level too. This high level is denoted as 100. When you are vibrating at the highest level, you are in full alignment with this higher energy source, which we also designate as 100.

When you are aligned with this higher energy source you are in optimal energy flow, i.e. a perfect state of well-being. This state of well-being means that you are emotionally healthy, physically healthy and spiritually healthy.

You are fully allowing and are vibrating at the highest level. You have basically reconnected to your higher energy source, higher self, spirit, inner guides or whatever you wish to call it. In essence, you have raised your vibration to become a full vibrational match to all there is.

Resistance of higher source energy produces disharmony. Resistance can also be described as an energy blockage or misalignment. Resistance in your physical, emotional and/or spiritual state leads to disharmony in your physical, emotional and/or spiritual state.

Principle 3: Master this creative world

You are a spiritual being living in a creative world. As such, you create all aspects of your life.

In this day and age, the “rules” of the creative world are outlined in what you call the law of attraction. It has been called many names throughout the millennia and even today, other cultures have different names for it.

Regardless of what you call it, study these principles and learn how you have created every aspect of your life. Learn how you can manifest a different reality than what you have created thus far.

Become a conscious creator because most of what you have created thus far was done unconsciously. Are we not correct in saying that no one in their “right mind” would create some of the “horrific” events in their life such as dis-ease, trauma, depression, “bad luck”?

Principle 4: Mold your mind

Mold your mind every day to open to who you are and to master this creative world.

You can only become more powerful when you shift your consciousness and your idea of your current reality. Let go of what you think you already know and surrender to the power you hold within you and your innate connection to source.

Principle 5: Work with Source

This goes intricately with #4 - molding your mind. As you open your mind to a new way of thinking, you allow for the guidance from your source.

If you think you know it all, then you can only be shown that reality in a creative world. If you open to possibilities and open to listening, then you can be shown just how powerful you are.

In this light, you learn to embrace your spiritual power. You learn to shift into a new paradigm. You learn to be and become who you are destined to become.

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Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a spiritual healer, podcaster, and author from Sedona, Arizona. Shawngela helps those who seek to heal by learning to embrace their spiritual power and connect to the voice within. She invites you to see yourself in a new spiritual light. You can manifest health if you awaken to your power and allow it to guide you. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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