Traveling in Nature for Spiritual Healing

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As the world started to modernize, people became more adept at living in cities rather than rural areas. A previous study by urban studies expert Luca S D'Acci found that there is an evolutionary cause to why individuals are more drawn to metropolitan locations. We believe that there are more benefits to the comfort and utilities that cities can offer when compared to rural life.

But, the study also found that one of the biggest trade-offs to living in these places is personal happiness and satisfaction. The lack of these two can greatly affect our connection to our spiritual side, making a return to nature important for our holistic wellness. There are many ways our natural environment can contribute to personal rehabilitation. Here are just a few roles that nature plays toward spiritual healing and our overall well-being:

Nature as an energy source

One of the great things about our environment is that if you take a second to take in its quietness and beauty, you can feel recharged. Nature can serve as the best energy source given to us by a higher being as it is overflowing with life and power. Our past article on ‘How to Embrace Your Spiritual Power’ explains that connecting to a higher energy source can help you achieve the perfect state of well-being and keep you emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy.

When you spend time outdoors, try to find a quiet place to soak in the silence and reconnect to the environment around you. Feel the vibrations flowing through the air and the earth beneath your feet. Take the moment to truly connect with the world around you and save the energy transferred to you.

Nature as a meditative environment

The tranquility that nature provides makes it a great place to meditate and truly evaluate yourself. In Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild, she highlights her real journey of reflection while traversing the Mojave desert in the wake of her mother’s death and the end of her marriage. Strayed used the trek to understand what truly matters in life, leading to a spiritual awakening she didn’t know she could have– leaving her healed with a new sense of positivity.

During your travels in nature, take a moment to slow down and simply reflect on your life. Remember the important moments and the events that brought you to this moment in time and ask yourself if you truly are the person you wanted to be. This will further your journey to spiritual healing and help you become the best version of yourself.

Nature as a perspective changer

When we live in the city, we are often stuck in our own little bubbles and we tend to forget that there is a huge world right outside of it. This hinders our ability to connect with our spiritual side because we’re so caught up in trying to live life in the modern world. Traveling in nature has been proven to have a profound psychological effect as mentioned in A Guide to Nature Immersion. Not only does it lend a new perspective on problems bigger than ourselves, but it also helps us understand the concept of oneness that comes with spirituality.

When you are surrounded by nature, observe your surroundings and take in every little detail from the look of each tree to the different chirps you hear. You will start to feel the strong bond we have as humans to the environment around us and help you realize that small problems won’t matter in the big picture. The act of releasing insignificant anxieties will aid you in finding spiritual peace and contribute to your healing.

It can be seen that traveling in nature can truly be the best way to find holistic wellness. It can contribute so much to spiritual healing but it is underutilized and greatly undervalued. The next time you are out and about in the natural environment, stop for a second just to appreciate the earth that was given to us by a higher being.

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