8 Ways to Open your Heart

8_ways_to_open_your_heart 8 Ways to Open your Heart - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Bringing awareness to your heart and receiving in stillness are great ways to begin opening up your heart to the world. It is a delicate flower that is unfurling into this world to share its magnificent beauty and fragrance.

Being in the Present Moment

When you are connecting deeply to the present moment and experiencing the world from the body, you are connecting to your heart and allowing yourself to enter into the receiving state. The more that you practice experiencing life from this state, the easier it becomes to enter. This peaceful state opens you up to the blessings from the Divine and allows your channel to be open for inspiration and connection to the Divine.


Breathwork incorporates breath, energy, and movement to create a self-generated energetic cleanse and relaxation of the nervous system and body. Even a short 5-minute session can move stuck energy and bring the physical body into the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state of being. Breathwork also helps reduce blood pressure, stimulates the lymphatic system (the detox system), increases energy, improves sleep, and more. All of these benefits support the relaxation of the body which means a more easeful opening of the heart.

Yoga Poses

Yoga is a beautiful way of getting into the body and feeling from the present moment. There are several yoga poses specifically designed to open the heart.

Before practicing these poses, take a moment to check in with your body and your heart. How does it feel? What are the sensations? Then after you have practiced, check in again. What has shifted? What are you taking away from trying this?

Tapping & affirmations

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) works by stimulating acupressure points with pressure, tapping, or rubbing. When doing EFT, you can also incorporate affirmations that are brought to those parts of the body. This helps to release old stories that are creating walls around your heart and keeping it closed.

Self-Expression - Heart

Self-expression comes in many forms - creativity, singing, dancing, and the ways you dress or communicate. When you allow yourself to express authentically, you connect to your heart and allow it to open in its purest expression. This is the space where your embodiment becomes art and each movement is part of the ceremony of your life.

Connecting to Mother Earth

Nature resonates at a frequency that nourishes our hearts. When we sit in nature, grounding in with our feet or with our body, we sync to the natural rhythm. Spending time in nature helps you to slow down and relax, opens you to the interconnectedness and beauty of all of life, and regulates your nervous system which allows for expansion and a deeper connection to the heart.

Love & Gratitude

Your heart is the engine of your machine. It communicates with you and you are able to feel it expand and contract depending on how it is feeling. Feeling love and gratitude brings warmth and expansion into the heart space and strengthens the connection to this frequency. When you express and share that love and gratitude with others, the shared electromagnetic field grows and becomes stronger. This can increase the coherence of your energy which increases the ability to be in flow.


When you are able to openly share what is happening for you without any certainty of how people will react, you are experiencing vulnerability. Vulnerability takes courage as you are wiling to lay the emotions you are feeling out on the table for all to see. It’s easier to dive into vulnerability when we see that all of us are human... most of us experience the spectrum of emotions and we feel truly connected when those hidden pieces of ourselves no longer feel all alone. Vulnerability allows for healing and integration of shadows into the light. Vulnerability can come in many forms - sharing from a vulnerable place, showing up in places where you have previously failed, eye gazing, sharing your creations, facing fears... all of these places are opportunities to deepen your connection to your heart.

Living life with an open heart can feel scary and unknown. As many of us have created layers of protection from the “outside world”, it can feel like a stripping back of the walls to reveal the beautiful, gentle heart that lies underneath. Once you begin to see that there is no outside world, there is no “them”, you can peacefully set down your armor and bask in the bliss and joy that comes from an open, connected heart.

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Maddie Fischer

Maddie Fischer

Maddie is a multi-passionate blogger, entrepreneur, sound healer, and health coach. Whether she is in North Dakota at her family’s ranch or traveling to other parts of the world, Maddie is passionate about deeply connecting with the experience of life, nature, and the beautiful souls weaved into the web. As a holistic health coach, she uses her interconnected understanding to serve each individual’s whole self for energy optimization.

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