5 Practices to Boost Your Spiritual Growth

5 Practices to Boost Your Spiritual Growth

You are invited to take a long deep breath in…as you exhale start thinking about what spiritual growth means to you. What does spiritual growth look like in your life?

What practices or habits have helped support that growth?

Today, we are going to dive into 5 practices that are cornerstones of spiritual growth. With that being said, we are all on different journeys so what works best for me may not be what works best for you.


Meditation isn’t something that you “do”. It’s the inherent nature of what you are. It is your natural state of being. When you enter into a state of meditation, beyond the mind chatter at the beginning of the practice, it allows you to truly just be.

Meditation creates a space that is a unified field of your mind, body, heart, and soul.

Meditation is like going to the gym for your mind.

Meditation is entering the blissful state of your being beyond your mind.

Meditation is a doorway to the subconscious and the quantum field.

By strengthening your spiritual connection through meditation, you are expanding your abilities to visualize and create from your Self beyond the physical world.


When you are desiring to deepen your understanding of your Self, journaling can be a powerful tool that offers another perspective.

Through this practice, you are able to actually see your thought patterns.

You are able to dive deeper into areas of yourself that you maybe haven’t had the space to share or aren’t comfortable to share with someone else.

Journaling is a very powerful tool for shadow work and discovering pieces of yourself that you have previously kept hidden.

Journaling provides an ideal space for self-love, understanding, compassion, and expression. You are able to connect with a higher part of yourself.

Journaling is a medium of expression, channeling, guidance, reflection, clarity, and awareness, and full of gold nuggets. 

(Message me for directions on journaling prompts or search your desired journaling category on Pinterest.) 


Breathwork is an incredibly powerful embodiment practice that benefits all of your bodies’ systems.

Breathwork moves energy through and resets your nervous system. 

Breathwork expands your consciousness and your energetic field.

By bringing awareness to your breath, you bring yourself fully into the present moment. 

When you synchronize your breath with your body, you cleanse your whole system and release anything from the past and any concerns of the future.

Breathwork can bring up emotions that have been suppressed in your subconscious. By feeling and releasing these emotions, you lighten your energetic field and allow for more clarity and knowing of your true Self.

Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour session, there are a range of benefits to be found within your breathwork journey. 

Unbound Creative Expression

Creative expression ranges from drawing, singing, ecstatic dancing, yoga, blogging, makeup, gardening, fashion, and any other form of expressing yourself through your presence, actions, and creations. This allows you to connect more deeply to the synchronistic flow of the universe.

You are no longer the one choosing your next movement, the next step, the next stroke - it just happens.

You become one with the whole.

The universe moves THROUGH you.

You express from your soul’s essence.


When you think about a place where you have felt the most peace, was it somewhere within nature?

As we are made from the same things as the stars and the trees, it makes sense that we return to a deeper state of remembering and connecting to our true essence when we are immersed in it.

Nature resonates at our natural frequency

Nature is creation/God/Source/Divine.

Nature is our true nature.

Whether this is your introduction to these practices or you are a seasoned spiritual practitioner, your journey can be supported with these simple yet profound ways of showing up for yourself.

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Maddie Fischer

Maddie Fischer

Maddie is a multi-passionate blogger, entrepreneur, sound healer, and health coach. Whether she is in North Dakota at her family’s ranch or traveling to other parts of the world, Maddie is passionate about deeply connecting with the experience of life, nature, and the beautiful souls weaved into the web. As a holistic health coach, she uses her interconnected understanding to serve each individual’s whole self for energy optimization.