Meditation is a Treasure Chest of Gifts

Meditation is a Treasure Chest of Gifts

Meditation is a foundational practice along your spiritual journey.

It’s truly a treasure chest full of gifts for you…from you.

Self Discovery

As you allow yourself to drop into your inner world, your self-awareness immediately begins to grow.

“Where attention goes, energy flows.”

You start to become familiar with your mind.

Your thought patterns.

Your inner voices.

You see how your inner world has always been shaping your external world.

Realizing all of these pieces contribute to creating your reality.

Realizing these pieces were created by you in the first place.

Realizing these pieces have the same root goal in mind - to love & protect you.

Awakening a Deepened Connection

As you deepen your practice and move beyond the “monkey mind”, you find more gifts.

Bringing awareness to your breath flowing in and out of you.

Extending your exhales.

Dropping into the parasympathetic nervous system (the resting state).

Tuning into how your body feels. Your heart.

Your body always has wisdom for you.

This space of listening and receiving.

Allowing all that is there.

Accepting all that is there.

Expressing all that is there.

This is the space of guidance from your Source - the Divine - your higher Self.

The higher power you know and feel.

This is the space to develop & deepen that relationship.

Quantum Creation

Your spiritual journey is your physical reality.

Meditation opens the doorway to your conscious awareness of the quantum world.

The quantum world where everything is connected as pure energy.

The realm of infinite possibilities.

It’s where you create your reality before it is projected into your physical world.

The physical world is the past.

It is the effect of previous thoughts & emotions mostly from your subconscious & some from your conscious mind.

This means your reality is a reflection of what you are embodying.

The frequency you are resonating determines the realm of possibility.

Your emotions (aka energy in emotion) shift your frequency.

So as you shift your emotions, the realms of possibilities shift both your thoughts/dream world & the external world.

You attract what you are.

Living Life as a Ceremony

Through embodied practice, you are able to bring these internal ways of being to your external world.

Your life becomes a meditation.

You are present.

You are able to observe your thoughts and emotions.

You are.

You feel peace.

You feel bliss.

This state of being feels like a giant hug from life.

Life flows for you.

Life flows from you.

Life flows through you.

We all have different meditation journeys.
Some, none, or maybe all of this will resonate for you, and that is completely normal and okay. 

However your journey looks, you are supported. 

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Maddie Fischer

Maddie Fischer

Maddie is a multi-passionate blogger, entrepreneur, sound healer, and health coach. Whether she is in North Dakota at her family’s ranch or traveling to other parts of the world, Maddie is passionate about deeply connecting with the experience of life, nature, and the beautiful souls weaved into the web. As a holistic health coach, she uses her interconnected understanding to serve each individual’s whole self for energy optimization.