How Breathwork Can Improve Your Well-Being

How Breathwork Can Improve Your Well-Being

As a human, you have experienced the complexity of life.

Whether it’s your relationships, work, or personal experiences, your energy, and attention are pulled in multiple directions. It can get busy and it can be exhausting. 


Imagine having a practice that allows you to create more supportive energy within your life.

Energy of coherence.

Energy of harmony.

Energy of synchronous flow that allows for the easeful unfolding of your experience of life.

This practice is real and it’s called: Breathwork.

Breathwork works by bringing awareness to your breath, controlling the flow, and using different breathing techniques in a systematic way.

While it is becoming more popular within the mainstream now, it has been used for thousands of years beginning within the yogic world.

Benefits of Breathwork

There are a variety of pros to utilizing breathwork including (but not limited to), nervous system regulation, consciousness exploration and physical health improvement.

Nervous System Regulation

You are able to reset & regulate your nervous system.

When your nervous system is regulated, your energy is “in alignment” = life unfolds with ease.

As you breathe deeply and slowly, you shift out of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). 

Consciousness Exploration

Through conscious breath and breath holds, you are able to access new areas of consciousness.

As your body shifts energetic states, your frequency and therefore your realm of conscious thoughts also shift with it.

People can experience deep states, insights, and waves of emotions (energy in motion) that can be moved through the breath, expression, or bodily movement.

This can greatly support the mental body and emotional body to let go of past trauma or future anxiety - bringing the mind back to the present moment. 

Physical Body Improvement

Your body is your temple to worship. It allows you to experience this life.

A breathwork practice can have anti-inflammatory effects on the internal body and increase the body’s alkalinity.

Both of these benefits can help support almost all chronic health conditions and increase the body’s energy and resiliency.

Breathwork brings a profound state of relaxation and can aid in alleviating stress.

Creating a Breathwork Practice

The breath is commonly used as a center point.

Conscious breathing can be utilized throughout the day to bring about relaxation, resetting, and stimulating your energy.

You can find a variety of methods and breathwork instructions online. One of the most helpful ways to begin your breathwork practice is through guided breathwork sessions.

These can be found on YouTube, Insight Timer, and several other applications. 

Join me in a 15-minute guided breathwork for chakra activation.


What time to do breathwork? 

It can be beneficial to include breathwork in your morning routine. I suggest starting with 10-minute sessions and gradually increasing the time. To reach deeper states of consciousness, extending to 30 or 40 minutes is ideal.

Breathwork can be done from anywhere either lying down or sitting up. 

Breathwork Caution

While breathwork is great for most people, certain styles of breathwork can be too intense for people with certain health conditions. If you have epilepsy or any kind of heart condition, please do not try breathwork and consult your physician first.

When you are new to the practice, the intense styles of breathing can lead to hyperventilating, tingling in the hands and feet, and dizziness.


Overall, breathwork is an incredible practice to utilize to regulate your nervous system (aka your life line), explore consciousness, and boost your body’s physical stamina. Whether it’s a 5-minute break or a 2-hour inner journey, breathwork is full of gifts for you.

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Maddie Fischer

Maddie Fischer

Maddie is a multi-passionate blogger, entrepreneur, sound healer, and health coach. Whether she is in North Dakota at her family’s ranch or traveling to other parts of the world, Maddie is passionate about deeply connecting with the experience of life, nature, and the beautiful souls weaved into the web. As a holistic health coach, she uses her interconnected understanding to serve each individual’s whole self for energy optimization.