How to Release What is Holding you Back

How to heal what is holding you back

Releasing what is holding you back is a very big topic to address. As you are most likely aware, there are so many opinions and suggestions on how to do it. In this blog article, we are going to give you our tips based on the concept that we live in a creative, and energetic universe.

The law of attraction outlines the “rules” of the creative world. It’s a pretty simple concept on the surface, however, if you delve deeper into it, there are many nuisances to becoming an effective conscious creator. If you are not familiar with the law of attraction, sign up for my newsletter and get the first 3 chapters of my book - Healing and the Law of Attraction - which explains it in detail.

Now let’s delve into how to release that which holds you back.

Law of Attraction Perspective

If something is holding you back, this means your focus has been placed in the direction of what you do not desire. Instead of continuing to move forward toward your goal, you spend too much time noticing what is not happening, trying to figure out why it is not happening, or doubting that it will happen.

Either way, you are not focused on the goal, which means you have not built enough momentum towards the desired outcome. Even when you do put in some good spiritual work towards overcoming what is holding you back, chances are you stop when it starts to get really, really challenging or you second guess what you are doing and lose momentum.

Energetic Perspective

Another, yet similar way to look at this is from an energetic or vibrational perspective. If it is something that is holding you back, it means you have built a lot of momentum and energy into this vibration. It does not matter if the vibration is that of self-sabotage, lack of focus, inability to commit, starting and stopping your goals, etc.

Because you have built so much energy into it, you have become a vibrational match to people, situations, and things that cause you to lose focus, self-sabotage, etc.

Your vibrational story is so profound and so engrained in your subconscious thoughts that it feels like there is nothing you can do because it keeps happening time and time again.

Breaking Free

In order to break free of it, you must build more momentum toward the new vibrational story you want to create for yourself. You have to put in the legwork to tip the scale so to say in the favor of your new story.

Now we don’t advocate, focusing on what is holding you back in isolation. For instance, spending your time on self-sabotage exclusively. We recommend healing by moving forward

What we mean by this is that you work on a goal that you really desire and then as you do that, what’s been holding you back will “show up”. That’s when you deal with it.

Spending your time thinking you have to resolve the “issue” before you can work towards a goal is an idea showcased by others, but it is not how we are going to teach you. Healing as you move forward is far more effective and gets rid of the excuse of why you can’t start.

Telling a Different Story

Now let’s take a step back to get more clear on vibrational stories.

Everything that we have in our lives right now, including our behaviors, is a result of the stories or vibrational stories that we tell ourselves. These are the stories we talk about, think about, look at, etc.

In fact, most of our stories are so automatic that you don’t even think of them as stories.

As an example, look at your life now and think about your daily morning routine. Chances are it’s practically the same routine day in and day out. That’s because the story you have been telling about your morning routine is consistent.

You don’t think of it as a story but it is a story. It’s a story you have told about what happens when you wake up. For instance, if your morning routine is chaotic, this is the story you are telling, seeing, and experiencing over and over again. It’s ingrained in your subconscious so you don’t think of it as a story, you think of it as being the way your life is. However, it’s a vibrational story that is a vibrational match to chaos.

And because you have not changed the story of what you say, see, and experience, you keep repeating the same story over and over again like Groundhog Day.

Do you tell the story about how you never have time to meditate, do yoga or some type of spiritual practice in the morning? Well, let’s challenge that story. The story only feels true to you because you have been immersed in it for so long. In other words, you keep telling this story, and it keeps creating that story, and you keep experiencing that story, and the subconscious mind keeps regurgitating that story.

Do you get the picture?

Multiple Ways to Telling a Different Story

Watch this webinar on shifting for the New Year, and you will see one method in which you can tell a different story.

Another way, that I have become particularly fond of is writing it out as if it is a new scene in a movie or a new chapter in your book.

If you think about your life as a movie, then this will make sense.

Note: The webinar title is about shifting for the New Year, but the concept is the same. It doesn’t matter if it is the official New Year, or the new year you define for yourself.

Examples of a New Story

Example #1 - Elizabeth and Weight Loss

In this example, Elizabeth wants to lose weight. She sets this as her task every New Year but generally after about a month or so, her enthusiasm wanes. Her old chaotic life catches up with her and she doesn’t have time to commit to her health. She even resorts back to emotional eating. She has been yo-yo dieting for the past 20 years and really wants to make a change.

Elizabeth’s New Story

2024 has become a pivotal year for me. I have turned a new chapter in my life and have created space to take care of my health. Thank you my spiritual guides for helping me to create that space for me. I have the time and enthusiasm to continue to focus on my health. I feel motivated to eat the foods that support my healthy body. I love eating the foods that are right for me and my body gravitates towards it. I love taking care of my body. It is getting easier to love my body as it is. I am finding it easier to only eat when I am hungry and I forgive myself for any infractions. I am just making a point to have fun with this journey. I laugh more. I practice gratitude more. I smile more. This is feeling really fun for me. Every day the divine is giving me signs that I am going in the right direction and that helps to keep me focused and motivated. I feel that I can do this.

Note: Weight is such a “heavy” energy for most so as you can see, we focused on a healthy body. If it feels right, you can put something along the lines of a thinner body. Try to avoid the word weight because it has so many negative connotations to it. If you can write it so it feels good, then you are good to go.

Example #2 - Jane and her life mission

Jane feels called to become a Shaman but does not know how to accomplish this goal. Jane’s life is chaotic and she tends to overthink things. She constantly questions her decisions and doubts her ability to become a Shaman.

Jane’s New Story

Every day as I work with the Divine I begin to feel more confident in my decisions and trust in the decisions I make. It feels good to have that trust in myself. I have also learned to trust in Divine guidance because my Divine team is there with me. I feel their presence constantly and I hear their wisdom. This motivates me to move on. My life has taken a turn for the better. I now have more time to do my spiritual work. I have the time and space to take care of myself and I enjoy the work that I am doing with the Divine. My Divine connection is deepening because of this and I have clear guidance on what to do next to become a Shaman. I am taking that next step with confidence and I freely ask questions of the Divine. I also allow the Divine to answer. I really enjoy how I can clearly communicate with the Divine.

Note: As Jane gets guidance on what to do next, she could clearly put that in the story. For instance, if the Divine told her to find a Shaman mentor, then she could write about that. “The Divine has led me to a Shaman who is going to be my mentor. I am so excited about all the things I am going to learn. Every day I will surrender more and more so that I can learn how to become a Shaman.”

Key Points to Remember

Here are some key points to remember when writing your new story:

  1. Stay focused on 1 or 2 major goals in your life that you want to work on. Finances, relationships, business growth, health, and spiritual growth are just examples of major goals. It is not advisable to try to tackle too many topics at once. Think of yourself as a child riding a bike on training wheels. You need to practice before you can ride steady on the bike and even more practice is required before you can do stunts with the bike.
  2. The story has to feel good to you. If parts of your story cause you to contract in disbelief or do not feel good in any way then it is out of alignment with your current belief. This means you need to rephrase that part of your story so that you believe it. Note: watch the video starting around 8:20 to learn more about this.
  3. When rereading or rewriting your new story, say it with an open heart. Say it with feelings and emotions. You can even sing it. What we are trying to get you to do is move the story energetically with your feelings. If you just say it and it feels like work, then you are not doing it right. It will take you far longer to shift the energy this way. We mean….way longer than you are probably going to keep at it. As a result, have fun with it and really feel into it…sing into it…dance into it….play inspirational music as you say it. Whatever it takes to get you to eventually feel it in your heart.
  4. Set a reminder to do this every day. Use the reminder on your phone and be sure to have it remind you daily.
  5. Be okay with adding to your story as your instincts or the Divine guide you to do so. For instance, if you find that procrastination is really the big hold-up in your story, then write a story that addresses this.
  6. Keep your story reasonably short so it is fun to reread or rewrite it.

Allow time for the Story to Unfold

As we mentioned before, set a reminder to tell this story - with feelings - every day. How long it takes for you to start seeing changes depends on many factors - how much momentum you have built on the contrast, how much feeling you put into the story, what you are doing the rest of the day, etc.

Just be patient with the process. If you are finding it challenging to wait, then write about it in the story. For instance, I know my transformation is coming and I am patiently waiting for it. I have patience with the process of my new story.

You can also ask for Divine signs that the transformation is unfolding. Write that in your story too. For instance, I am seeing signs every day that my transformation is happening and it keeps me excited.

Releasing what is holding you back

As you can see, telling a different story in this fashion is such a simple way to write a new chapter in your book or to write a new script in your movie. Continuing to do this over months and perhaps years, will undoubtedly release what is holding you back.

Keep in mind, we are not suggesting it will take years to release what is holding you back. What we are saying is that you will find this process so transformative that you will continue to write yourself into a new life where nothing can hold you back. That will most likely take years.

Step by step as your new story unfolds, you will overcome multiple obstacles that have been holding you back.

My Journey

Telling a different story has shifted my life dramatically. It’s a twist on affirmations but a more focused twist. This deepened focus and energy that I put into my spiritual practice has brought me to my dream city - Sedona - and has helped me to start hosting regular retreats within 5 years of starting. Keeping in mind, that the global pandemic took a huge chunk of that time when hardly anyone was attending retreats.

IAM tried to guide me to affirmations years before but I resisted it because I didn’t feel a resonance with them. My ego was too strong back then!!

It wasn’t until we wrote the book - Healing and the Law of Attraction - that it all began to make sense. I didn’t have to do the affirmations as commonly known. I then jumped on them and haven’t looked back since. Sure I wasn’t as focused on them as I am now, but IAM always guided me back and I always wrote being focused on them in my new story.

The more focused I was on them, the more I began to move past what was holding me back more quickly than when I was not doing them.

Yes, I visualize, meditate, practice gratitude, and other highly encouraged spiritual activities. (All of which, are ways to tell a different story, which means they complement each other in magical ways.)

However, it took writing all of these into my stories to make them a more consistent part of my spiritual practice. Now I enjoy them from an inner level of enjoyment because that’s how I wrote them. My subconscious mind is now on board with this new level of being.

Are you seeing the significance of new stories now?

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Shawngela Pierce

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