Gratitude Can Enhance Your Spiritual Awakening 

Gratitude Can Enhance Your Spiritual Awakening 

If you are here, reading these words right now, you are on a path of seeking. You are seeking within yourself the answers to what you already deeply know, but may have difficulty expressing or embodying.

You, like millions of others on this planet right now are experiencing an awakening -- a re-remembering.

The collective consciousness of humanity is undergoing a major shift and all of us are feeling this deeply, even if we cannot articulate or explain what we know. 

For some people, a spiritual awakening can be very abrupt — almost violent. For others, it is gradual, manifesting slowly but surely until you can no longer relate to who you used to be. 

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, welcome gratitude into your life as a source of comfort and solace. 

Everyone has access to gratitude. It is free and abundant. Gratitude resides within us — all we have to do is become aware of it. 

Starting with awareness of the breath, give thanks for every inhale and exhale. Breathing is something we do automatically, so it is easy to take the breath for granted. Do not take breath for granted, for it can be constricted and taken away in seconds, until we are grasping for a full breath — clinging on to dear life.

Each and every breath gives us another opportunity to live fully in our purpose. 

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to be subjected to immense suffering or torment in order to fully embody gratitude. Although many of the most profound instances of spiritual transformation are born through immense suffering, grief or loss – it is not necessary for us to experience this to be genuinely grateful for the gift of life. 

We simply must be open to appreciate our lives from the seemingly small elements – to the bigger, more obvious blessings. 

As you step deeper into your awakening, you may be overtaken by a deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude can enhance the beauty of things already beautiful — the flowers, the trees, the sky, the ocean. The beauty you see in others is merely a reflection of the beauty in you radiating outward. 

With a heart full of gratitude, you will look in the mirror and see a beautiful person staring back at you. You will be thankful for all your flaws, and your scars and imperfections will be reminders of your endurance. Like the beautiful lotus flower who blooms in the murky swamp, you are allowed to blossom no matter how soiled your environment is or was. 

Have you ever met a person who seemed to be high off of life? They are jubilant, joyful, and radiate positivity to wherever they go. You may wonder to yourself, “what are they on?”. That ‘high’ is gratitude. It is such a powerful, life giving force. It can dramatically change the way we operate in our daily lives. 

Gratitude helps us to understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. With this understanding, the trials and tribulations we face will serve our evolution and growth – our highest good and purpose. 

By giving thanks for our existence, opportunities present themselves to us because we will be able to see what was hidden behind that which was once taken for granted. 

There are levels and phases to spiritual awakenings. Gratitude enables us to have compassion for ourselves and extend grace to others no matter where they are on their respective journey in life. Gratitude ignites the light within that recognizes the light in those around us. 

It is extremely courageous to be gracious to our transgressors — to those who may have hurt or offended us in some capacity. 

Expressing thanks for each and every moment – for each and every being that crosses path enables us to see the interconnectedness of all things. With gratitude, the illusion of separation dissipates. 

You will begin to honor yourself. Pouring love into yourself with joy. Making self care rituals not out of vanity or aesthetics, which are superficial, but out of genuine appreciation for your own life. You’ll want to pour into yourself. You’ll want to show up each day as your best self because you will embody this deep sense of knowing that life is truly a precious gift. 

Gratitude is spiritual armor. It is a master key to unlocking beauty, truth and abundance.   

When we choose to embody gratitude, it makes our lives richer, purposeful, and fulfilling.

Whenever you are feeling anxious, sad, or worthless, do this exercise  to call upon the frequency of gratitude that is free and available to every person, no matter what. 

Take a deep breath. 

Find 7 things you are grateful for. 

Find 7 things you love or appreciate about yourself. 

Finally, pray for the happiness of 7 people. 

Do this everyday. Especially on days when things just don’t seem to be going right. On the dark days when you just can’t seem to pull yourself together,  those are the days when gratitude will be your greatest ally on your journey to awakening spiritually. 


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Khadijah La Musa

Khadijah La Musa

Khadijah La Musa is a poet, freelance writer, and aspiring best-selling author. In 2016, she self-published her first chapbook titled, Tasting Purple: a compilation of prose and poetry. Khadijah is a Reiki Master/energy worker and licensed massage therapist.

She is a believer in the truths and wisdom of all spiritual philosophies. Khadijah La Musa inspires others through to live more freely through literature, musings, and holistic wellness rituals.

Bred and buttered in Boston, Massachusetts, she resides on the beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda, where she is proudly a dual citizen.

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