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Gratitude Discussion

At the end of our recent 30-Day Gratitude Challenge Event, I sat down with Carol Adamski of Gratitude Habitat and Tracy Baker of Healthy You to discuss some key components of gratitude. We had an amazing conversation on the attitude of gratitude. We talked about:

  • Why people fear gratitude (15:08)
  • Is gratitude too simple to work (13:22)
  • Challenges people face when starting to be grateful (7:18)
  • Releasing emotions with gratitude (23:19)
  • The meaning of gratitude (5:14)
  • How gratitude can shift you into new relationships and (19:44)
  • More aspects of gratitude

It was a fascinating, enlightening and uplifting conversation. Join me in our discussion and please comment below.

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I emphasize gratitude as part of my Meditation for Health Program as well as a separate 30-day Gratitude ecourse because gratitude raises one's vibration. Traumas or any type of emotional blockage is inevitably at a lower vibration then gratitude. When you start to practice gratitude you literally raise your vibration and release emotions that do not serve you.

Gratitude Challenge eCourse

Shawngela Pierce

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