Finding Zoe - An Inspirational Story

Finding ZoeIt is always my pleasure to share with you stories of hope and inspiration. This story is no exception. Finding Zoe is an inspirational story of turning adversity into strength by Former Miss Deaf America Brandi Rarus. Brandi shares her story of self-discovery and the struggle of being caught between the hearing and the Deaf world as well as how she found Zoe, a deaf foster-child who was passed from one foster home to another.


Gail Harris

For this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Gail Harris, one of the co-authors of the book for a "behind-the-scenes" look at the book and how the book transformed Gail's life.


1. What inspired you to respond to Brandi's request to write her story?

Gail: Initially, Brandi wanted to tell what she called, “her daughter Zoe’s incredible adoption story.” She wanted to focus on why Zoe’s birth mother chose to place Zoe for adoption rather than parent her or have an abortion. She also wanted to write about the beautiful open adoption that her family has with Zoe’s birth parents today. (An open adoption is when an adoptive family has a relationship with their adopted child’s birthmother and/or birthfather) I was initially drawn to the project because I am an adoptive mother, too, and think of my experience of adopting my son, at birth, as my own private miracle. I had wanted to write about the benefits of having an open adoption some day, although not by telling my son’s own personal story. I didn’t know if I ever would - until meeting Brandi. Of the one hundred plus writers who had shown interest in the project, I convinced her that I was the one to write it.


2. It is emphasized in the book, that all of the events happened at the perfect time in order to bring Zoe into Brandi's life. Do you feel this is a miraculous occurrence that happens to a few of us or do you feel there is a natural flow to how things come to us in life?

Gail: Finding Zoe is a story that shows how everything had to happen exactly as it did in just the right time for Zoe and Brandi to be united—for Zoe to find where she truly belonged, and for Brandi to find the daughter who was meant to be hers. It was truly miraculous. But I believe that each of our lives are filled with miracles and unfold exactly as they should, and it is up to us to recognize this and work with Spirit’s natural flow This can be difficult when challenging things are happening to us, of course. But I have learned from personal experience that we always get what we need, it may not be what we want, but it is what we need. Most of the time we get in our own way and fight the very thing that has been given to us for our own higher good. In other words, each of us has our own unique divine plan, and every action we take in our lives can be made in partnership with Spirit, if we choose.


3. If you could choose one take home message from this story what would it be?

Gail: Oh, wow. That’s tough, because there are so many!!! If I had to choose one, I would say that, above all, we need to accept ourselves in all our magnificence. Each of us is unique and is given an incredible life to live, and we should live it to the fullest.


4. Has the book helped you to transform spiritually in any way?

Gail: My gosh, yes. I have worked on this book for 5 years. This includes writing it, then finding a publisher (we received three offers), having a successful Kickstarter campaign that earned my co-author and I over $36,000 (being used for our publicity campaign), and now publicizing the book. Throughout it all, I have learned more deeply than ever before, that when I trust myself I am trusting the cosmos or Spirit. They are one and the same thing. I know even more deeply, as well, that I am guided in my life in everything I do, and that when I am aware of this, life becomes a grand adventure and is always wondrous. This doesn’t mean it is always easy. Not at all. But when we listen to our own inner voice we will always be led in the right direction.


When we listen to our own inner voice...I love these words! What a great way to end my interview with co-author Gail Harris.

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Finding Zoe

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