Meditation Techniques for Anxiety & Stress Part 1

Emerson quoteThe following is a simple meditation technique for anxiety and stress relief. This meditation technique will help to bring peace into your life, help to quiet your mind, and you will learn to be mindful. The basic premise of the meditation is to gently and continuously gaze at an object of interest, in particular nature. If any thoughts come to your mind, notice them without thoughts or judgments and return to looking at nature.  Keep your attention on the object even with thoughts such as “this is so amazing” or “this is a wonderful experience”.  You are training your mind to quiet and focus.  This also means that you must just notice any sensations you feel in your body and then return to your object of interest. Learn to experience sensations in your body without thought or judgment. Continue to relax, breath and trust in the process. Trust that any sensations or energies you are feeling in your body are the result of your coming into alignment with higher source energy. You are relaxing your body and mind to the point that source energy can flow through you freely. With practice and in time, you will quiet your mind enough to see an “aura” or energy field around your object of focus. It is an amazing experience, but remember to let go of your thoughts and continue to focus on the object of interest.



Viewing nature can be accomplished by focusing on a picture, watching a video on your computer, viewing nature from inside your residence or sitting outside and watching nature. 

  • Make sure that whatever you observe is at around eye-level and at a distance that you can easily see.
  • Find a comfortable position in which to sit or lie. Whatever the position, ensure that your spine is straight and relaxed.
  • While in your meditation position, relax and start breathing from your abdomen.  Inhale to the count of 4 seconds and exhale to a count of 7 seconds.  This is just an estimate.  Do what feels comfortable for you.
  • Get into a comfortable rhythm, which may take a couple of minutes. (If any thoughts come to your mind,notice them without judgment and return to breathing)
  • When you feel comfortable, gently gaze at nature.  Remember, to just notice any thoughts that come to your mind and then return back to observing nature.
  • If you feel tension, notice the tension without judgment and return to observing nature.  If there is an excessive amount of tension in an area, you may need to close your eyes and shake the body part gently for about a minute and then return to gazing at nature.  (In “Awakening to the Healing Powers Within: An Energetic Perspective on Self-Healing” and the Meditation for Health Program, I explain why you are feeling this tension in your body.)

If you would like to meditate with a waterfall use this 2-minute or 5-minute video.


30-Day Challenge

Practice the above meditation for 30-days for at least 10-minutes a day. Let us know how it has made you feel by leaving a comment here our on one of our social networks.


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