Meditation Techniques for Anxiety & Stress Part 2

Peace begins with a smile Mother Teresa quote

“Peace begins with a smile.” A very profound quote from Mother Teresa. Smiling is oftentimes overlooked as a simple way to bring peace into your life. Smile more often and you will bring peace to your heart. In part 2 of this series, I am going to introduce you to a simple "Smile Meditation" that you can do for at least 5 minutes a day for more peace. I term it "Smile Meditation" but in truth, it could just as well be termed "Peace Meditation". 



Find a comfortable position in which to sit. Feel free to choose from the following standard meditation positions: crossed legged or lotus position, kneeling position or sitting position. You may choose to use a meditation pillow such as a zafu and zabuton to make the position you choose more comfortable. Whatever the position you choose, make sure you can keep your spine relaxed and straight. Remember the key is finding a balance between keeping your spine straight and staying relaxed.



Find an object that invokes in you a feeling of peace or invokes a smile on your face. The following are examples of pictures that may invoke peace or bring a smile to your face: peace symbol, om symbol, color, light, bird, water or tree. You can also choose an image of enlightenment such as Jesus or Buddha. Keep the image a neutral image. An image of a loved one is likely to distract. The picture you choose will be the picture you will use to visualize.

  1. Place your picture at eye level about a foot and a half from you. Get a “feeling” from the picture. That is something that you feel inside your body. In essence, you are feeling the energy that the picture evokes.
  2. Study the object for as long as you desire then close your eyes and bring it to mind. See it in as much detail as possible for as long as you desire. Open your eyes and look at it again. Once again sense a feeling from the form. Close your eyes once more and absorb the feeling while holding the image in your minds eyes. 
  3. In time you will be able to visualize the image and skip the picture step. You can get a feeling from the object through visualization.
  4. Also in time, you will be able to move the object of visualization into you with your mind. This is a merging of the object of visualization with you.
  5. Send the visualization object away after the end of the meditation. Give thanks to it and send it away. You can imagine it becoming smaller and smaller until it completely disappears and right then and right there where it disappears remain very still and very silent.
  6. Watch how your mind opens and the ability to focus and visualize improves. Your power to create quickly will increase as this occurs in addition to other unexpected surprises.
  7. If thoughts come to your head just let them disappear like a cloud. Meditation takes practice. Remember to keep your focus on your desire, even if you focus for 5 minutes. Just thank the universe/god that you are able to focus. This will bring more ability to focus into your meditation. If you start focusing on the fact that you did not have focus for 25 out of the 30 minutes then you will bring more lack of focus into your meditation sessions.
  8. This may seem like a complicated practice but as I stated before meditation is about focus. It takes time to train your mind to focus. If you like, do the meditation in steps until the entire sequence can flow for you.
  9. Remember again that meditation is more of an art than science. Create your own meditation based on the information given. Make this a fun practice for you. This is not a cookbook recipe; this is only a guide.


30-Day Challenge

Practice the above meditation for 30-days for at least 10-minutes a day. Let us know how it has made you feel by leaving a comment here our on one of our social networks.


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