Meditation Techniques for Anxiety & Stress Part 4

Mindful Eating


How can mindful eating help you with anxiety, stress and emotional healing? Well, most people eat without thought to what they are eating. They are actively engaged in conversation, thinking about something in their head, watching tv, etc. All of these activities can be stressful, cause one to become anxious or exacerbate your anxiety. If you spend the time to focus on what you are doing, you will quiet the mental chatter. When you quiet the mental chatter, you reduce stressful hormones, you become less anxious and you become less emotionally taxed. 


Mindful EatingIn addition, many people eat when they are stressed or anxious. If you make a point to be mindful at one meal a day, you will be decreasing your mental burden. Eating plays such a central role in our daily lives so why not take advantage of it and make it a meditation to train yourself to calm your mind. If you train yourself to quiet the mental chatter, you are well on your way to improved mental/emotional health as well as physical health. Also, the affects of this mindful eating will definitely continue throughout the day


Getting Started

Make time for your meals to be sacred, a time for you to unwind and a time to start focusing on yourself.  In the beginning it may be easier for you to do this meditation with one meal a day and then progress to as many as you desire. Consistency is key so make a commitment to do this meditation for a minimum of 1 month.



  1. Make a habit to be in a good mood BEFORE you start eating. A quick way to do this is to give thanks or express your gratitude. Sit down with your plate in front of you and start giving thanks for more than 10 things in your life for which you are grateful, including your meal. Let the ideas just flow to your head.  When you start feeling good, take 3 deep abdominal breaths and then begin eating.
    • Other ideas to feel good are listening to uplifting music, laughing, looking at a picture that makes you smile, closing your eyes and imagining a place that makes you feel happy.
  2. Stay focused on what you are eating. Notice the sensations of the food in your mouth. Notice the individual tastes of the food. To be truly mindful, one most observe the food without judging. Even thoughts like this tastes great are judgmental.  Despite this, I feel it is okay, to place your attention on what you like about the food in the beginning.  Being mindful takes practice.  It is easier to go from an abundance of negative thoughts to positive thoughts, then to go directly from negative thoughts to no thoughts.
  3. Notice any thoughts that come to your mind.  Observe them and then return to focusing on your food. The thoughts that are coming to your head may be very intense, so make a point to really start saying what you enjoy about the food. This will shift your focus to something that is more positive in your life. This process will get easier over time.
    • Alternatively, if you are eating the meal with someone else and are having a conversation, monitor how you feel during the discussion.  You may need to redirect your conversation towards a subject that makes you feel good.
  4. End the meal by giving thanks for what you enjoyed about the meal and to continue momentum for the next meditation give thanks that your mindful meditation improves everyday.


Remember to continue breath while you are eating.


Be patient with yourself throughout this process.  You are retraining yourself, which builds new neural connections. This process takes time but is well worth it in the end. Also remember to enjoy the journey! Good luck and I wish you well. 


30-Day Challenge

Practice the above meditation for 30-days for at least 10-minutes a day. Let us know how it has made you feel by leaving a comment here our on one of our social networks.


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