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How Breathwork Can Improve Your Well-Being

How Breathwork Can Improve Your Well-Being

As a human, you have experienced the complexity of life.

Whether it's your relationships, work, or personal experiences, your energy, and attention are pulled in multiple directions. It can get busy and it can be exhausting.


Imagine having a practice that allows you to create more supportive energy within your life.

Energy of coherence.

Energy of harmony.

Energy of synchronous flow that allows for the easeful unfolding of your experience of life.

This practice is real and it's called: Breathwork.

Breathwork works by bringing awareness to your

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Meditation is a Treasure Chest of Gifts

Meditation is a Treasure Chest of Gifts

Meditation is a foundational practice along your spiritual journey.

It's truly a treasure chest full of gifts for you, from you.

Self Discovery

As you allow yourself to drop into your inner world, your self-awareness immediately begins to grow.

"Where attention goes, energy flows".

You start to become familiar with your mind.

Your thought patterns.

Your inner voices.

You see how your inner world has always been shaping your external world.

Realizing all of these pieces contribute to creating your reality.

Realizing these pieces were created by you

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5 Practices to Boost Your Spiritual Growth

5 Practices to Boost Your Spiritual Growth

You are invited to take a long deep breath in…as you exhale start thinking about what spiritual growth means to you. What does spiritual growth look like in your life?

What practices or habits have helped support that growth?

Today, we are going to dive into 5 practices that are cornerstones of spiritual growth. With that being said, we are all on different journeys so what works best for me may not be what works best for you.


Meditation is not something that you "do". It's the

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8 Ways to Open your Heart

8_ways_to_open_your_heart Blog - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Bringing awareness to your heart and receiving in stillness are great ways to begin opening up your heart to the world. It is a delicate flower that is unfurling into this world to share its magnificent beauty and fragrance.

Being in the Present Moment

When you are connecting deeply to the present moment and experiencing the world from the body, you are connecting to your heart and allowing yourself to enter into the receiving state. The more that you practice experiencing life from this state, the easier it

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