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Healing Spiritually by Moving Forward

Healing Spiritually by Moving Forward

I recently did a spiritual retreat with let's say "Angela" from the East Coast. Before the retreat, Angela was given guidance on setting her intentions for a magical experience. Well, Angela took a different approach than most people. Angela sent me over 30 questions beforehand that she wanted answers to!

As per my guidance from my spiritual guides, IAM, I did not answer them. I just waited until she came.

As we talked, it became clear that Angela's major concern was her life mission. She needed to find

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Meditation is a Treasure Chest of Gifts

Meditation is a Treasure Chest of Gifts

Meditation is a foundational practice along your spiritual journey.

It's truly a treasure chest full of gifts for you, from you.

Self Discovery

As you allow yourself to drop into your inner world, your self-awareness immediately begins to grow.

"Where attention goes, energy flows".

You start to become familiar with your mind.

Your thought patterns.

Your inner voices.

You see how your inner world has always been shaping your external world.

Realizing all of these pieces contribute to creating your reality.

Realizing these pieces were created by you

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5 Practices to Boost Your Spiritual Growth

5 Practices to Boost Your Spiritual Growth

You are invited to take a long deep breath in…as you exhale start thinking about what spiritual growth means to you. What does spiritual growth look like in your life?

What practices or habits have helped support that growth?

Today, we are going to dive into 5 practices that are cornerstones of spiritual growth. With that being said, we are all on different journeys so what works best for me may not be what works best for you.


Meditation is not something that you "do". It's the

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How to Use Aromatherapy for Spiritual Healing

Essential_Oils_for_Spiritual_Healing Spiritual Healing - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

If you prefer using natural products, you've probably heard of essential oils — compounds extracted from plants to capture their "essence" or scent. Their healing properties are well-documented by scientists, with research showing that these complex organic substances contain multiple properties that yield positive psychogenic effects. They possess antimicrobial, antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and have been shown to relieve stress, treat depression, and help with insomnia.

These benefits give insight into why essential oils provide holistic healing, as spirituality and mental health go hand-in-hand. When

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8 Ways to Open your Heart

8_ways_to_open_your_heart Spiritual Healing - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Bringing awareness to your heart and receiving in stillness are great ways to begin opening up your heart to the world. It is a delicate flower that is unfurling into this world to share its magnificent beauty and fragrance.

Being in the Present Moment

When you are connecting deeply to the present moment and experiencing the world from the body, you are connecting to your heart and allowing yourself to enter into the receiving state. The more that you practice experiencing life from this state, the easier it

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A Spiritual Review of 2022

Spiritual Review of 2022

You are well on your way into the year 2023! This could be exciting for some, and yet a relief for others. 2022 proved to be a very challenging year for many people and for many reasons.

2022 was challenging if you had trouble letting go and surrendering to the flow, i.e. if there were control issues.

2022 was challenging if you were not aligned with following your heart and becoming more than what you have been thus far. So if you were dragging your feet and not

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Traveling in Nature for Spiritual Healing

Nature_for_Spiritual_Healing Spiritual Healing - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

As the world started to modernize, people became more adept at living in cities rather than rural areas. A previous study by urban studies expert Luca S D'Acci found that there is an evolutionary cause to why individuals are more drawn to metropolitan locations. We believe that there are more benefits to the comfort and utilities that cities can offer when compared to rural life.

But, the study also found that one of the biggest trade-offs to living in these places is personal happiness and satisfaction. The lack

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Spiritual Healing Tips #3

Spiritual Healing Tips #3

Do you feel like two separate people when it comes to your spiritual identity and then the “other person” that shows up when you are around certain people? Does this frustrate you? Well, hold on as we give you one powerful technique to “merge” the “other person” with your spiritual identity.

Old Habits

As we work to embrace our spiritual power, there will undoubtedly be old relationships where there is a tendency for you to fall back into old habits. In fact, this is a natural part of

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What is Spiritual Healing?

What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing has several meanings and definitions. While you may think of spiritual healing from the perspective of you being a patient, we would like to broaden that view to include a more active role from you.

Spiritual Healing - Definition #1

The traditional view of spiritual healing centers on a spiritual healer allowing themselves to be a vector to facilitate the flowing of source spiritual energy through them. This source spiritual energy is then directed towards the client or patient by the hands of the healer.


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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 99

Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 99

Have you ever walked into a room and then immediately started to feel bad? Are you feeling overwhelmed and drained when you are around others? Do you dread being around certain individuals because it makes you feel bad?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are picking up the energy field of the others. Yes, we are all energetic spiritual beings and we are all connected. However, we have our own energy aura that we can strengthen in order to allow the energy

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How to Embrace your Spiritual Power

how_to_embrace_your_spiritual_power Spiritual Healing - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

In this day and age, the majority of people on this planet are living in a world that only sees itself in physical form. The concept of something non-physical or spiritual in nature is not at the forefront of most people’s awareness.

When you are living in this framework or 3rd dimensional view of the world, you subject yourself to “unspeakable” chaos in the world. You also subject yourself to the control of others. When you are unawakened on how you create your reality and your connection to

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Spiritual Healing Tips #2

Spiritual_Healing_Tips-2 Spiritual Healing - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

As we have discussed before, developing a relationship with your source is important for many reasons. It is important in bringing you closer to your true essence. It is important in consciously creating using the Law of Attraction. It is important in giving you a sense of purpose. It is also important in helping to guide you.

One simple way in which you can start developing a relationship with your source is to ask for daily inspiration. When you get daily inspiration it can go a long way

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Spiritual Healing Tips #1

Spiritual_Healing_Tips-1 Spiritual Healing - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

You are all powerful creators and more powerful than you can imagine. You may not realize this if you have developed a sort of “disconnection” to that which can guide you with your creative powers. While you can never truly be disconnected from source, you can be so far removed from a strong connection to your spiritual nature, that it feels like a disconnection.

Starting from this point forward, if you have not already done so, re-establish and strengthen your connection to the non-physical. Make spiritual guidance your

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You cannot travel within and stand still without

you-cannot-travel-within-and-stand-still-without Spiritual Healing - Sedona Spiritual Retreats

“You cannot travel within and stand still without.” What do these words mean to you? When you "travel" within with methods such as meditation, you become aligned with source. You release old thought patterns that do not serve you. That shift in your inner being automatically creates a shift in your outer reality. That is because your outer reality is a reflection of your inner beliefs. A basic law of attraction concept.

This statement also signifies the important role your subconscious mind plays in creating your reality. Most

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