Law of Attraction Healing

Awaken to your innate power to heal

Practice Visualizations for Healing

In this creative world, the mind and your thoughts are king. By using visualization you can retrain your subconscious mind and therefore your body to vibrate at a different level. In essence, you raise your vibration and allow the lower vibratory energy to be released. This stuck physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual energy is holding you back from true health. Open to a basic form of spiritual healing.

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Welcome to Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. I am your host Shawngela Pierce.

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 96

Are you paying attention to how you feel when your work day ends? If you are not in the habit of assessing how you feel when you come home, make a point to do so starting now.

When you come home from work or even if you are working from home, shift the energy that you carry by literally shaking it up. Remember, we are all energetic beings and in order to raise our vibration, we must allow the energy to flow. 

If our energy is stuck because

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Changing your Mindset for Healing

Changing your mindset or subconscious mind is pivotal for healing in a creative world. When you open to possibilities that you can heal, you literally open the door to create this in your reality. Without changing your mindset, you will be held in the limiting belief systems of yourself, others and the collective. This is law of attraction and spiritual healing.

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Welcome to Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM,  I'm your host Shawngela Pierce. In today's episode we are going

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Are you being too serious

Are you being too serious when it comes to manifesting health or consciously creating with the law of attraction? Learn why being too serious could be one of your major obstacles on your road to health and well-being.  

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Welcome to another episode of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. I'm your host, Shawngela Pierce. In today's episode we are going to talk about being too serious. 

Before we begin, let's talk about this week's special. Save an additional 10% off our

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 95

There are different levels of awareness and of allowing. As you move towards opening your mind to new possibilities in this creative world, you may find yourself - at times - saying the words “I hear you, but…..the law of attraction does not apply here, the law of attraction does not cover this, that is not possible, you have to be logical about it, etc.” 

Everything that is said or thought after the but, is an indication of your vibrational level of consciousness and your ability to allow

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Can Someone Else Heal You

According to the law of attraction, can someone else heal you? Listen in to IAM and Shawngela as they address this very question. The answer may surprise you.

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Thank you for joining me for another episode of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. In today's episode, we are going to talk about, Can someone heal you? 

Before we begin, let's talk about this week's special. Save 15% off our group coaching by entering the code spiritualpower2021 at checkout. Our group coaching is

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Self-Love for Healing

In my latest podcast, we talked about self-love for natural healing. It is a very simple, yet profound concept.

Many times we think that we must consume things in order for our body to heal. We look at our body more as a machine than we do as an energetic physical essence.

If we start to shift our concept of who we are, then we can understand the power of our thoughts - the power that our thoughts have in creating or manifesting the physical ailments/misalignment/disharmony in our

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 90

You cannot lie to the universe with your words, thoughts or feelings. Just because you say one thing does not make you aligned with receiving it.

Now why do we point this out? We do this because some people are under the impression that they can just switch their words once and then that makes things "all better." Well you cannot lie to the universe. Who you are vibrationally must match what you are stating for all to hear. If what you are saying is at a lower

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 87

You are a spiritual being and your vessel or body is the "house" where your spirit resides. This makes your physical body very important because without it, you would not be able to be here in physical form. In fact, all “parts” of your being are important - the mind, body and spirit. They are all important because they are all interconnected. Your body is not a machine separated from your spirit or your mind. What one does affects the other.

For instance, your mind is very powerful

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 83


When you are in pain, how do you know if your soul is telling you to choose a different path?


When you are in pain, that is a sign that your thoughts are out of alignment. Now the key is deciphering whether the thought that is causing you to feel bad is based in trust or based in fear. When you have a thought that is based on trust, and you start to feel bad, then your inner guides are telling you that what you are

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 80

You don't have to be "perfect" at consciously practicing the law of attraction. First of all, there is no such thing as perfection. There is no perfect formula that "works" for everyone. You are always working towards "closing the gap" between what is possible in this creative universe and your current vibrational state. The more you continue to raise your vibrational state, through whatever technique(s) you choose, the more the gap closes and the closer you get to obtaining your desires.

Second, as you are raising your vibration,

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 79

Fear is a choice, although it may not seem that way. It may seem like fear is a natural way to react to certain situations. It may also feel like fear is appropriate in certain situations.

Note: Fear can either be an instantaneous reaction or something that lies deep within you - a state that is hidden in your subconscious state.

Fear is a low vibrational state and denotes your level of consciousness. Using our vibrational scale of 0 to 100; zero is the lowest vibrational level and

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 78

As we transition from a quarantine state, there will undoubtedly still be residual fear and uncertainty about what lies ahead. There is a planetary shift in consciousness occurring and changes are still yet to come.

Change can be scary for most, but one of the best ways to deal with this change is to tell a different story about it. Remember, the stories that you tell yourself, shape your reality. If you continue to tell a story that supports fear and uncertainty, then you will hold yourself in

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 77

There are many levels of collective consciousness such as your immediate family, your extended family, your city, your state, your country,  the world, etc.

In this creative world, we all create individually and collectively.  When the collective consciousness is vibrating at a certain level such as fear, especially when it is on one of the higher collective  levels - such as globally - it can be challenging to remain steady in your emotional state. You can literally feel the energetic vibrations that are not coming from you directly.

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 76

Try viewing your life as a clay sculpture. If you continue to work on it and mold this sculpture every day, you will eventually create a masterpiece. It takes time but a steady forward motion is all that is needed to eventually create something that is desired.

This molding is more of a molding of the mind. You have to mold your mind to envision the life you desire and then the outside world will start reflecting back to you what you envision.

Remember your life is a

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Spiritual Spring Cleaning with Gratitude

During the winter months, the skies are darker, it is colder outside and this tends to have a negative impact on people's mood. Overall, society has a collective "story" about winter that involves constriction, isolation, sadness, bitterness, more time indoors, etc. From an energetic perspective, what goes along with this "story" is a simultaneous constriction or blockage of higher source energy flow. This is caused by the negative thoughts associated with winter.  As a result, people tend to hold on to more negative energy or what we like

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 75

Do you feel lost and confused about spiritual guidance?

Shift the story you tell yourself about it and you will open the door to a deeper and more profound relationship with the nonphysical. Telling a different story, will set the stage for more spiritual growth.

Now what do we mean by telling a different story?

If you always say, "I never understand," "I am confused on the guidance being given," "This is too confusing," "This is way too much for me," "I am not cut out for

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 74

Your life is a reflection of who you are and what lies within you. The people you interact with, the environment, your job, and your day to day interactions are all a vibrational match to your subconscious as well as conscious mind. As a result, what you experience in life is a reflection of the subconscious and conscious.

Now this reflection can be hard to come to terms with, if it is not how you envisioned your life. However, when you know that you are a conscious creator, you

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 71

What does it mean to step back and be the witness to the chaos in your life? It literally means looking at your life in a way that you are not resisting what is happening. You are acknowledging that you have created the chaos because you understand the law of attraction but you are allowing it to unfold.

You are not looking at your life and getting angry at what has happened nor are you putting yourself in the role of the victim.  You are stepping back and seeing

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New Years Resolution Solution

Note: It doesn’t matter if you are reading this article after the New Year. Your New Year can start anytime!

If you find yourself not able to complete your New Year’s Resolution, you are not alone. Unfortunately and at the same time fortunately, this is a trained habit that is mostly subconscious in nature. As a result, you can train your subconscious mind to shift to a new vibrational level/new way of thinking so that you can easily accomplish your goals.

A Vibrational Look at New Year’s Resolutions

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