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Law of Attraction Retreats in Sedona, AZ

Where Spirituality and the Law of Attraction meet.

Embrace your Spiritual Power with the Law of Attraction

Are you ready to Become?

We are all spiritual beings, housed in a physical body, and living in a creative universe. In order to truly create the life you desire - better health, more joy, more abundance, etc. - we must embrace our spiritual power. This means embracing consciously mastering the creative world through study and Divine guidance, embracing your Divine Connection, embracing your spiritual essence, and molding your mind This may sound complicated but it is quite simple. Listen to our podcast as we explain Spiritual Power

What does Spiritual Power Mean?

Explore one of our Sedona Retreats

All of our Sedona Spiritual Retreats, private and women, are founded on the principles of the law of attraction. However, we take a spiritual approach to manifesting. 

Sedona Spiritual Retreat Private


Come stay in our Rustic Tiny House out in nature and explore what it means to manifest magic. This retreat is designed for those who need one-on-one personal guidance. If you are having trouble creating consciously, then this retreat is made for you. We offer 4 to 7-day packages.

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Divine Feminine Power Women

Divine Feminine Power
Women's Retreat

This retreat is for women who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey. In this retreat, we explore all aspects of this creative world and how to use it to heal and live your life purpose.

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Meet your Angel Women

Meet your Angel
Women's Retreat

If you are more advanced in the law of attraction and your spiritual journey, then this retreat is for you. In this retreat, we delved deeper into the creative world and the divine. We learn how to take the next step forward in manifesting the life of your dreams by connecting more deeply with a member of your divine team.

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