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Relationship Meditation

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Meditate with your mate, family member and/or friend and begin the process of healing.  The meditation is simple, easy and fun to do and is less than 15-minutes. During the meditation participants can sit facing each other, sit side-by-side or lie on their back and hold hands. The participants are then guided through a wonderful meditation designed to relax and open the heart. When you can train yourself to relax, you let go and allow healing to occur.  Health is our natural state and can only be achieved through a process of letting go and allowing. This is true with any form of treatment.


The meditation can be practiced as often as desired, however, the more you meditate together, the more benefits you will notice.  In the beginning, it is recommended to make a 30-day commitment to meditate with each other at least once per week.  This will build momentum.


Meditation Positions



Couples Meditation Position

Sit facing each other. Place your left hand on the other person’s heart. Then place your right hand on top of the other person’s left hand. Your right hand will then be over your heart.


  • Parent-child

    • Older Children
      • Lie or sit side-by-side.  Hold hands with the side closest to the other person.  Place your free hand on your heart.
    • Younger Children
      • Get into a comfortable sitting position and place your child in your lap.  Your child’s back should be facing you.  Hold your child by placing both of your hands on its’ heart.-OR-
      • You can also place your child in a seat in front of you.  You will not need the guided meditation for this position.  You will be focusing on looking into your child's eyes. (Additional Instructions)



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