Meet Shawngela | Discover her journey to Teaching!

My life’s work has evolved from the multitude of questions that plagued me in my search for health and balance.

As a child growing up in Detroit, Michigan, I experienced some major traumas that would shape both my health and career choices in the future. Unfortunately, I was never really equipped to handle all the emotional burdens of my surroundings. As with many children, I was taught to bottle up my emotions. The basic theme of childhood was that no one liked a crybaby. Life was tough, so you just had to learn to deal with it, or be crushed by it. These weren’t all necessarily taught to me verbally, but it was definitely what was taught in my family and in the community at large.

As a result, I was determined not to be crushed by it, but to deal with it the best way I could. I did this by graduating in the top 1% of my class in Detroit. I then went on to graduate with a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry from Purdue University. It was during my time at Purdue, however, that the burdens of the past started to surface. At first, I went through bouts of depression and anger towards authority. By the time I started working in Ohio as a Forensic Scientist, I had been diagnosed with asthma. In the beginning, the asthma diagnosis didn’t worry me because I felt healthy overall. I thought it was a fluke and would soon resolve itself. This was not going to be something that crushed me. I had already learned this lesson.

Meanwhile, my life moved on to other adventures. I earned a master’s degree at Old Dominion so that I could teach college-level human anatomy & physiology. Unfortunately, as life was moving on, so was my asthma, but not like I had hoped. My asthma worsened dramatically and I became very chemically sensitive. The prognosis from the medical doctor and specialist was very dissatisfying, to say the least. I was basically condemned to a chronic dis-ease that would only worsen over time. I was given steroids, an inhaler for emergencies and literally sent out the door.

This treatment, if you can call it a treatment, was unacceptable to me. In my mind, this was profoundly crazy to think that the human body could not heal beyond this. I had always felt I had a strong vital force. Many times I would just go to sleep, when I felt bad. I would then wake up feeling much better. In any case, I was not going to accept conventional wisdom. I knew in my heart that I could heal.

My search for a cure eventually led me to pursue a naturopathic medical degree. I felt the answers and healing I sought would be found in medical school. I would then be able to share this knowledge with others. Boy was I correct! I did find the answers, but not in the way I expected at all.

While in medical school, I started getting treatment for my asthma and sensitivities. The transformation was amazing and I felt so much better. I felt my healing had truly begun. Despite this, I was still perplexed why even in medical school, all of the teachers had a different approach to healing. If I had gone to another naturopath, they would have treated me differently for my ailment. As a result, I started looking at the entire system and wondered why this was the case.

What I observed was, in addition to the different approaches by the teachers, there were so many different modalities taught that also had their own theories of healing. We were taught Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, mind-body therapy, physical medicine and more. On top of this, each and every student had their own personal opinions and beliefs. With all of these differences, the story just kept getting more and more muddled. I had so many questions. Who was right? Why were there so many different ways to heal? Was there one clear path to health? The only thing we all agreed upon was that traditional or allopathic medicine was not working for the masses. Even then, there were disagreements as to the degree that it was not working.

I had many discussions with my classmates. However, no one could satisfactorily answer my questions. I also could not make sense of it in my mind and felt really frustrated. As a result, I began to ask my source for answers, which led me to three profound books that changed the course of my career. The books were Conversations with God, Book 1; The Law of Attraction and The Power of Now. Conversations with God had the most profound effect, and felt like a lifesaver. It really resonated with me, and confirmed what I had innately felt to be true. We are powerful creative beings and have the ability to heal ourselves. The book also made me look back at my childhood. When I did, I realized how strong of a connection I had to spirit. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but it was what truly saved me. This is also what literally kept driving me for more answers.

This new insight, which felt like a revelation, changed my outlook on medical school. Over time, I began to realize that this was not going to work for me. It didn’t fit into my belief system any longer. Yes, I truly admired and still admire the work of naturopathic doctors but my values had changed. In medical school, they worked from the traditional paradigm, where a patient goes to a doctor and expects the doctor to heal them. For me, it was time for a paradigm shift in how we thought about healing.

Eventually, my struggle between what I believed and what was being taught was so strong that after 3 1/2-years into a 4-year program, I left. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life but one of the best choices I have ever made. Of course, I can say this now but it didn’t feel like it at the time.

After leaving, I went on what I call a 2-year personal meditative sabbatical. I didn’t go to any exotic place, I just remained in my condo. I meditated several hours a day for more clarity on my direction in life; for answers to the multitude of questions that still remained; and to deepen my connection to my source. During this time, it became clear that I would teach what I knew. Teaching had always been my passion so it was the natural route for me to take.

To ensure that my teachings would be authentic, I decided to allow my source to “speak” and “work” through me. I do this by naturally quieting my mind and allowing the thoughts to come forward. Some people would call it channeling, however, we all have the ability to do this.We all have the capability to quiet our mind and allow ourselves to come into alignment. Many people do it from time to time; such as with moments of inspiration, moments of clarity or being in the “zone.” Unfortunately, very few people do it on a continuous basis. I, on the other hand, have made it my mission to rely on my source. As such, my source, whom I affectionately call “IAM,” is the source of the teachings in this book as well as all the work that I do.

My work involves helping to guide you on your path to healing, no matter what route that healing takes you.Whether that path is in conjunction with a doctor, healer or by yourself, is not important. Everyone has a unique path to healing. As such, the information that I provide is not provided as a "recipe guide" of techniques. However, some techniques are given as suggestions to help you in the beginning. My goal is to empower you in your role in healing and give you the tools you need to become whole again. One such tool is developing a relationship with your source. In this way, you follow your true path to healing.