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We offer Private (one-on-one) Retreats for individuals and small groups. We also offer 2 types of Women's Retreat. Divine Feminine Power is for women who are beginning their spiritual journey. Meet your Angels is for women who have been on the spiritual path longer and are ready for the next step.

Private Spiritual Retreats

Personal  Spiritual Retreats in Sedona

Individual Retreats in Sedona

September - June

Personal Retreats in Mount Shasta

Individual Retreats in Mt. Shasta

July & August Only

Divine Feminine Power Women's Retreats

April Women

Divine Feminine Power

Sedona, AZ

September Women

Divine Feminine Power

Sedona, AZ

Meet your Angel Women's Retreat

July Women

Meet your Angel

Mount Shasta, CA

October Women

Meet your Angel

Sedona, AZ