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Sedona, Arizona

Spiritual Healing Retreat

Reclaim your Health through a Spiritual Awakening

Many individuals struggle to heal, but know innately there is something they are missing. They can feel the power that lies within them, but are at a loss on how to bring it forth. Our Spiritual Healing Retreat is designed to help you strengthen your connection to your source so that you can awaken that innate ability. A strong connection will not only awaken your healing powers but will also give you the direct answers you seek. This direct guidance will lead you on a personal journey to discover whatever you need to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally.

1, 2 or 3 Day Weekend Retreats

1 Person, Couples or Small Groups

Held at a Sedona Vortex

Reconnect to your Spiritual Guides and discover your Innate Power to Heal

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Awaken your innate power to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually

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Receive healing energy from your Spiritual Guides

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Learn how to get direct answers from your spiritual guides for your healing journey

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Awaken the inner peace, love and joy that resides within you.

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Immerse yourself in the healing energies of a Sedona Vortex

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Speak directly with Shawngela's spiritual guides for answers to your questions

Sedona, Arizona

A Sacred Landscape

​​​Sedona has been long recognized by Native Americans as a sacred landscape. Every year, Sedona draws hundreds of thousands of people from around the world seeking healing, spiritual guidance and transformation.

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Sedona Vortexes

Sedona is best known for its many powerful energy vortexes. A Sedona vortex is believed to be a place of high spiraling spiritual energy where the conditions are perfect for facilitating healing, spiritual awakening, meditation and prayer. They are also believed to be places where energy flows on multiple dimensions.

There are 4 major vortexes with many smaller vortexes located in the region.

What We Offer

In this retreat we offer many ways for you to build a stronger connection:

Meditation at a Vortex

Shamanic Journeying

Qigong or Yoga Meditation Hike

Channeled Energy Healing Session

Q/A with Shawngela's spiritual guides

Lecture on Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance Workbook Activities

Meditation Coaching

Intuitive Guidance on Nutrition and more

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It was so beautiful being in nature and just being allowed to "be". I felt a real connection with the land and the process - it was very natural. Bell Rock is amazing and the creek [at Cathedral Rock] was almost mystical. ~ Ron P.

Shawngela, is an author and Intuitive healer from Sedona, Arizona. She has over 15-years of meditation as well as teaching experience. Shawngela has always had a strong relationship with her inner self and always felt there was a disconnect from what she internally felt and what was taught by society. Through her journey of self-discovery and healing, she was led to pursue a career in coaching with the mission of awakening and inspiring others to the true power that lies within them. Shawngela does this through accessing her inner guides, whom she affectionately calls IAM. They are the guiding force of her teachings.

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1-Day Retreat*

  • 1-person: $440 + tax
  • 2-people: $640 + tax
  • 3-people: $800 + tax
  • 4-people: $1300 + tax

2-Day Retreat*

  • 1-person: $880 + tax
  • 2-people: $1280 + tax
  • 3-people: $1600 + tax
  • 4-people: $2600 + tax

3-Day Retreat*

  • 1-person: $1300 + tax
  • 2-people: $1900 + tax
  • 3-people: $2400 + tax
  • 4-people: $3700 + tax

* Accommodations and meals are not included. We will gladly assist you with recommending and booking accommodations.

* Additional retreat days up to 7 days are available.

* Up to 8 people can be included in your group. Please contact us for pricing.

Available Dates


  • Mar 14
  • Mar 21
  • Mar 27 - 28


  • Apr 10 -11
  • Apr 17 - 18


  • May 8 - 9
  • May 15 - 16
  • May 22 - 23
  • May 29 - 30


  • Jun 5 - 6
  • Jun 19 - 20
  • Jun 26 - 27


  • Jul 3 - 4
  • Jul 17 - 18
  • Jul 24 - 25
  • Jul 31


  • Aug 1
  • Aug 7 - 8
  • Aug 14 - 15
  • Aug 22
  • Aug 28 - 29


  • Sep 11 - 12
  • Sep 19
  • Sep 25 - 26


  • Oct 3
  • Oct 9 - 10
  • Oct 17
  • Oct 31


  • Nov 6 - 7
  • Nov 14
  • Nov 20 - 21
  • Nov 27 - 28


  • Dec 4 - 5
  • Dec 18 - 19
  • Dec 25 - 26
  • Dec 31

* Weekdays are also available. Please fill out the form below to arrange.

Contact us to reserve your spot or to speak with a specialist!



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