1-Day Spiritual Healing Workshops

This is a creative world, master your Spiritual Power in it.


Sedona or Online

Spiritual Mastery in a Creative World

4 to 6 hour workshop

Learn how to master this spiritual creative world by exploring how we create our lives, how source communicates with us, and how to walk in alignment.

There will be lectures, activities, and intuitive guidance from Shawngela's source - IAM.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have been struggling with practicing the law of attraction
  • You are seeking spiritual connection and guidance
  • You feel disconnected from your purpose
  • You want to find clarity, guidance, and meaning for your life
  • You have some type of chronic disharmony and want to discover the root cause

Sedona or Online

New Stories for Healing

4 to 6 hour workshop

The stories that we tell, both consciously and subconsciously, create the chapters in our book of life. What stories have you been telling and do they serve you? In this workshop, we will explore how to rewrite unhealthy stories using multiple spiritual techniques designed just for you. 

Explore this topic with lectures, activities, and intuitive guidance from Shawngela's source - IAM.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel stuck in your current situation
  • You are struggling to overcome a trauma or disharmony that is deeply affecting your life
  • You feel there is something missing in your search for ultimate health
  • You are feeling emotionally disturbed - sad, depressed, lost, fearful, etc.
  • You have some type of chronic disharmony and feel in your heart you have the power to heal

What people are saying after joining a workshop

Before I started the course, I had already started a spiritual growth journey but wanted to do more. I also had specific issues I wanted to focus on and this workshop allowed me to do that and more! I feel happier, more capable of opening myself up to receiving what I want, more confident in how to use the Law of Attraction and raise my vibration.

I now have an even more rich daily routine to follow to enhance what I was already doing. I would recommend this course to anyone who is open to growing more spiritually and wants to learn how to connect with the Source. Really glad I signed up! Thanks, Shawngela! :)

As a person with anxiety disorder, I’ve always had a rather negative outlook on life. I always worry and my attention would often look at the negative side of things. Thanks to Shawngela’s workshop, I realized how my subconscious and conscious thoughts have been impacting the way I created my reality. And more importantly, I realized that I can change my reality for the better by being more aware and mindful of what I put into my head.

She also made me realize the importance of spiritual connection, the impact and power of words, and that I should always try to turn something negative into a positive. Shawngela and her spirit guide provided very valuable insights that changed the way I think.

What you get in our workshops

Intuitive Guidance
Q & A with Shawngela's spiritual guides - IAM
Immersive Activities
Answers from your Source
Spiritual Insights
Aha Moments

Available Dates

We offer regular workshops in Sedona and Online. If you would like to have this workshop in your area, please contact us.

Spiritual Mastery | Online

  • Sunday, October 3

Spiritual Mastery in Sedona

  • Sunday, October 24

Spiritual Mastery | Online

  • Sunday, November 28

New Stories | Online

  • Sunday, December 5

New Stories in Sedona

  • Sunday, January 2

New Stories | Online

  • Sunday, February 6
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