Guided Meditation for Spiritual Guidance

$12.95 each


Strengthen your Connection to the Non-Physical

In less than 15-minutes a day, you can start the process of deepening your connection to your spiritual guides. 

You are all powerful creators and more powerful than you can imagine. Unfortunately, many do not realize this because you have developed a sort of “disconnection” to that which can guide you with your creative powers. While you can never truly be disconnected from source, many are so far removed from a strong connection to their spiritual nature.

You have the power to create and uncreate disharmony in the mind, body and spirit. As such, it is pertinent for you to re-establish a connection to the non-physical and make this your primary guiding force for your healing. Your Inner Guides, Spiritual Guides, God, Angels or whatever you wish to call it, knows the path of least resistance for you to take in order to heal. This is a path based on the reality you have created for yourself. The non-physical has a unique perspective that you in the physical form do not have. As such, the non-physical can lead you on your journey. 

In this guided meditation, explore both a connection to your source and energy medicine at its' best by utilizing the power of visualization. Surround your body with healing energy and develop a rapport with your source. 

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