My communication with my spirit guides has increased

I had been searching for answers from my spiritual guides and I was not getting any answers. I was searching all the time and also this made me feel worried for my future. I didn’t feel confident and comfortable with where my life was going - not that I was searching for a specific future, just that I felt I had no handle on where my life was going. 

When I saw Shawngela‘s ad, I instantly felt an awakening. I felt “listen to your spirit guides, this is where you need to go.” I quickly signed up for a free session with Shawngela and her  and IAM instantly made me feel secure in my decision to have contacted her. I then signed up for the workshop and was very much so looking forward to it.

The two most significant improvements  I feel I gained from going to Shawngela‘s workshop was number one, because I gained more clarity about the law of attraction, I was able to put my personal affirmations to real use! Therefore my vibration raised and new opportunities presented themselves to me in a positive way. I took advantage of those new opportunities.

The second is that my communication with my spirit guides has increased and answers have become clearer and easier to understand. I learned to ask and to better receive the information they were presenting me with.

Without a doubt, if I had not attended this workshop with Shawngela, I would not be as content with the direction I see my life heading.

What a wonderful and amazing gift

What a wonderful and amazing gift to the human race you are Shawngela. In the small piece of time that I have being listening to you, you have shown me in SO MANY WAYS, that life is to be lived with generosity, compassion, love, and a whole lotta laughs. The more time I spend listening to you, the more I’m choosing HAPPINESS.

I can change my reality

As a person with anxiety disorder, I’ve always had a rather negative outlook on life. I always worry and my attention would often look at the negative side of things. Thanks to Shawngela’s workshop, I realized how my subconscious and conscious thoughts have been impacting the way I created my reality. And more importantly, I realized that I can change my reality for the better by being more aware and mindful of what I put into my head.

She also made me realize the importance of spiritual connection, the impact and power of words, and that I should always try to turn something negative into a positive. Shawngela and her spirit guide provided very valuable insights that changed the way I think.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone with anxiety, anyone who feels stuck, those who need more clarity and spiritual guidance, and those who feel like the universe is not in their favor. Taking this workshop will give you a shift in mindset.

Learn how to connect with the Source

Before I started the course, I had already started a spiritual growth journey but wanted to do more. I also had specific issues I wanted to focus on and this workshop allowed me to do that and more! I feel happier, more capable of opening myself up to receiving what I want, more confident in how to use the Law of Attraction and raise my vibration. 

I now have an even more rich daily routine to follow to enhance what I was already doing. I would recommend this course to anyone who is open to growing more spiritually and wants to learn how to connect with the Source. Really glad I signed up! Thanks, Shawngela! :)

I now know that Source is here with me

I went to consult with Shawngela Pierce at a time where I was at a huge crossroad in my life. I felt un-grounded, unsure and fearful and in desperate need of direction and guidance. After my consultation with IAM I feel more safe and at peace. I now know that Source is here with me, protecting me, at all times. All I need to do is connect and stay in alignment with Who I Am.

I highly recommend consulting with Shawngela Pierce if you feel any type of uncertainty, anxiety, confusion or sadness. She will, in direct communication with Source, help guide you on your spiritual path. She will give you the advice and tools you need for the uplifting of your consciousness.

Her teachings are easy to grasp

Being someone that works with well defined processes, consciously integrating manifestation habits was difficult at times as I was trying to figure out the logical steps to accomplish a goal and the vibrations to emit in order to match that goal. The sessions with Shawngela were helpful in terms of understanding how to focus my energy, how to choose an approach to visualization that would work for me as well as how to choose the feelings that the desired manifestation would provide more so than just the aesthetics.

I recommend taking sessions with Shawngella for her teachings are easy to grasp and provide you with important tools to stay focused on your journey, but also for her conviviality and her great energy.

I would recommend Qigong for anyone

I was apprehensive and, to tell you the truth, a little unnerved by the first class. What was all this shaking and tapping about? What would people think when they saw all this crazy movement? My bad back hurt most of the time, my legs went to sleep when sitting in any position too long, and my mind would constantly wander.

Shortly after joining my class I received news that a family member had a grave illness. We were also in the process of selling our home and eventually moved onto our boat. I had a lot on my plate, so to speak.

The weeks went by and one day I realized that, hey, my back did not hurt siting or when doing the poses. My mind had calmed so much I almost fell asleep during meditation, and I can sit for periods of time without my legs falling asleep.

My overall outlook on life has improved; partly due to the fact that I am better able to cope with the unpleasant things life throws at you, and partly because my back pain is not constant like it used to be.

I would recommend Qigong for anyone who truly wants to calm themselves, do some self healing and generally want to feel better about themselves.

She is a wonderful resource

Shawngela is an absolute pleasure to talk to and had meaningful advice for the questions I had. If you are interested in meditation and mindfulness, she is a wonderful resource. Truly kind and thoughtful :-)

Her energy is contagious

Shawngela is unique in the field of meditation and holistic lifestyle coaching. Her unwavering commitment to keeping in alignment with her Higher Self means that her clients receive a fresh and original experience, rather than dogma based on unfounded belief systems.

She is highly intuitive and will not hold back on telling you what you need to hear.

As a conscious creator herself, she is a master at conveying the principles of the Law of Attraction to show how you are, consciously or unconsciously, the creator of your own reality. In the process however, you may learn some uncomfortable truths about yourself. She is especially adept at directing you back to yourself and to your own experience as the most reliable source of how you should live your life.

She brought me back into remembrance of who I am as an ever expanding creator capable of manifesting for myself the life and relationships that I wish to have. My time with her was well spent and truly magical!

Her energy is contagious and her meditation and Reiki sessions bring with them a healing quality that she joyously shares with others!