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Awakening to the Healing Powers Within

An Energetic Perspective on Self-healing

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green-point-one Free Self Healing Techniques book

Learn how negative thoughts affect your health.

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Learn to focus and release unwanted thoughts.

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Learn a moving meditation to help you relax.

Awakening to the Healing Powers within explains how to heal yourself physically, emotionally and mentally and is for anyone who wishes to incorporate self-healing practices into their routine. The basic concepts presented in this book are rooted in ancient energy healing practices that are written in a general, simple and easy-to-understand format. It is also rooted in the Law of Attraction. In this book, you will learn simple, yet effective techniques to allow energy to freely flow through your body. One of the techniques is a moving energy meditation. The moving energy meditation will teach you to relax, breath and allow the natural state of energy to flow into your body. When the natural sate of energy flows throughout your body, healing occurs on all levels.