Why can I not quiet my mind during meditation?

How to quiet your mind

You Can Meditate

You can meditate even if you think you cannot.  If you think you cannot meditate because you cannot control your thoughts, think again.  If you have ever tried to meditate and could not "shut the faucet off" and think meditation is impossible, think again. 


Meditation is focus. Meditation also trains your mind to focus.  You can learn to focus and quiet your mind with meditation.  When you start to meditate, you begin to notice all the thoughts that are roaming around in your head at an even more amplified level. This is due to the fact that you are directing your attention inwardly.  It is at this point that many people think that they cannot meditate.  With continued meditation, your mind will become more and more quiet.  You will also learn to release thoughts that do not serve you more easily and also to observe those thoughts in a conscious but passive way.  In other words, you will learn to observe them in a mindful way.  You will learn that you are more than the thoughts in your head.  You are the unnameable.


Many people do not even realize that during their meditation practice that they have slipped into a state of meditation.  For instance, their mind may have quieted for 1 minute and then they started thinking again. That is wonderful because the more you practice the wider the space of time that you can stay in a meditative state will become.


Scientific Perspective

Well let's take this to a scientific perspective.  Whatever activity you do most, will have the most neural (brain) connections to it.  If you play the piano for instance, you will have practiced yourself into a whole network of neurons for playing the piano.  The same is true for meditation. The more you do it, the more neural connections are built in that area and the easier it gets. It also means that there will be less neural connection in the area of a highly unfocused mind.  Those neural connections will begin to break because you are not strengthening them. 


So you see, you can meditate.  Relax, breath and practice meditation. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. If you need assistance or would like guidance with your meditation, then schedule a free consultation with me where we can discuss your options. 

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