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You have been called Home to the Divine

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Spiritual Healing with Shawngela and IAM

Deepen your connection to the Divine

Get direct answers from the Divine

Heal with the Divine

Awaken to your life mission with the Divine

Shawngela Pierce

Reclaim your Power through a Spiritual Awakening

Many individuals struggle in this world but know innately there is something they are missing. They can feel the power that lies within them but are at a loss on how to bring it forth. Our Spiritual Retreat is designed to help you strengthen your connection to your source (the Divine) so that you can awaken that innate ability. A strong Divine connection will not only awaken your healing powers but will also give you the direct answers you seek. This direct guidance will lead you on a personal journey to fulfill your life mission as well as discover whatever you need to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally.

4-hour Retreat at a Mount Shasta Sacred Site

Single or Multiple Days

Private Retreat for Individuals, Couples or Small Groups

Do you Feel?

This retreat is for you, if you resonate with any of these stories.


You are overburdened with the energies of others as well as the problems of the world. You find it hard to be in a room with others because your energy gets drained.


Your thoughts are fearful, out of control, and negative. This is holding you back from enjoying life and feeling a sense of peace.


You know you are not living your life mission but are confused about what that mission is for you.


Your life is in chaos and you are in desperate need of change. This has been going on for awhile and now you feel called to be of service.


You feel lost and hopeless in your current life - job, relationships, money, etc. You are wondering what is the next step in your life, how can you overcome this, and can the Divine help you get clear about what to do next?


You have some type of physical, spiritual, or emotional disharmony. You have been seeking answers but are at a loss for what to do.
Mount Shasta retreats are available from June through August. Come work with me in Sedona, Arizona the remainder of the year.

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Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is a majestic stratovolcano located in Northern California. Outside of its many places for adventure, Mount Shasta has a mystical side to it.

There are dozens of stories about Mount Shasta that add to the mystery and allure. There are Native American stories, ascended masters stories, stories of the lost continent of Lemuria, and stories of a crystal city named Telos.

The call of Mount Shasta

Regardless of the myriad of views on these stories, many feel a strong calling to visit Mount Shasta. If you are one of them, trust in that feeling. Trust in your Divine calling.

There is a powerful mystical energy to Mount Shasta that cannot be interpreted by the mind/ego. Just like in Sedona, there are powerful energy vortexes and sacred sites that will help you to more easily connect to the Divine.

Mount Shasta
What you get at Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat

What you Get

We offer many ways for you to build a stronger connection with your Source. You can request specific activities or allow the healing to unfold intuitively.

Spiritual/Energy Healing

Intuitive Healing

Law of Attraction Guidance


Qigong or Yoga Meditation

Automatic Writing


Q/A with IAM - Shawngela's spiritual guides

Sound Healing

Psychic/Intuitive Readings


Retreat prices do not include accommodations, but we will happily assist you with recommendations and bookings.

Schedule multiple days and receive a 10% discount on the additional days. The multiple-day prices below include the discount.

3-day retreats are our most popular option and allow for a more immersive experience as well as healing. If you would like pricing for more people or days, please fill out the form below.

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2-days | 1 Person

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2-days | 3 People


3-days | 3 People

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