Visualization Explored - Overcoming The Belief Barrier

Visualization and Belief - A Law of Attraction Question


What is visualization and how can I overcome my doubts to manifest my dreams with it?



There are many ways to overcome your doubts and visualization is one of them. When you visualize you actually hold an image in your "mind’s eye" of what you want to manifest in your life or desire to have happen. Another way to put it, is that you “conjure up” images in your mind.

Importance of Belief

“If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you shall move mountains.”


In order to manifest anything in your life, you must believe it. Faith/belief, is the true essence of practicing the Law of Attraction. The problem with many is that you have trained yourself to believe that you can’t have anything you want. This is a result of your past experiences when you were in a state of not realizing how you created your reality.


Well the past is the past. You are this moment and I tell you that you can have anything you desire.


Basically when you visualize, what you're trying to do is train your subconscious mind to believe that this has happened. Your subconscious mind, as we have discussed before, is the “major player” in what you continually manifest in your life. It is the auto-pilot system that continues to “regurgitate” and recreate past experiences based on your current beliefs. As a result, if you want to change what you continually create, then you must change your subconscious mind. Visualization is a way to do it.

When you train your subconscious mind to belief, then the manifestation is assured. As we have discussed before, creating something involves raising your vibration to that of belief. So in essence, you have to cross the "belief barrier”. When you cross the “belief barrier”, it feels good to visualize your topic of interest. Every time you think about what you are trying to manifest, it just feels good.

The ease at which you can visualize will depend on what you are trying to manifest. If it is something that is easy for you to believe you can do, then the process of visualization will be easy for you. If it is something you have struggled with for awhile, then the visualization process could be more challenging for you.

When you have a visualization that is more challenging, just relax. Just realize over time it will actually start feeling good when you visualize. When you get to that point you’ll know that you’ve crossed what we call the "belief barrier”. Once you cross the “belief barrier”, you can continue visualizing and get deeper and deeper into the visualization. Again, the visualization will feel more and more good to you. The better it feels, the more assured you are that you have created what you set out to create.

Visualization Notes

  • It is very important to relax into anything that you do because it allows things to come more easily. If you feel restricted or if what you are trying to visualize is too much to believe, just go slowly into it. Start with something that is more simple to believe. Take bits and pieces of your entire goal and try to come from that angle. Think of your entire visualization as a puzzle. And so you need to take bits of that puzzle and put them together. That should make it easier to visualize your goal. It is a journey. This is the joy and beauty of creation. This is why you came here. So enjoy the journey.
  • It is better to visualize from a first-person perspective, then it is to see yourself doing it from a third-person perspective. Meaning, if you are visualizing from a third-person perspective, then you are looking at an image of yourself doing it. Almost like an “out-of-body” perspective. If you are visualizing from the first-person perspective, then you “see the scene” as if you were doing it.

What Happens in the Non-Visualization State is important Too

The problem that we see here is that even for those who visualize there is a problem of letting go and allowing your manifestation to come into your reality when you are not in the visualization state. If you can’t let go when you are in the non-visualization state, you diminish the magnitude of your visualization. This is not to say that your visualization will not come true; it will just come to the degree that you allow it.

An example of this is feeling good, when you visualize owning a $50,000 car but in your non-visualization state you constantly worry about money. The constant worry of money, will feel bad to you but if you are not in tune with your feelings, you will not understand that when you feel bad, you are not in alignment with your creations. Meaning you are pushing your creation further away from you instead of drawing it closer to you.

So with your visualization, you’ve crossed the belief barrier and feel that you have this car, but on the other hand, there is this other belief system you are holding onto that there is a lack of money. So what could happen in this instance is that you do manifest a car, but you do not manifest a car, that you have been visualizing. You manifest let’s say a $10,000 car. This is because you couldn’t let go, and allow the idea of a $50,000 car to come into your reality. Does that make sense to you?

Visualization is a powerful asset, but there are still other assets that you must continue with, that will assist you. We will go into this in much more detail later. We just want to remind you that while visualization is key to manifesting, there are other factors that you must put into place in order to allow your full visualization to come to your reality in the way that you expect it to come. Again, more details on that later.

Thank you

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Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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