Quitting a Job | Law of Attraction Question

Quitting a Job - A Law of Attraction Question


I feel very unhappy at work. I don’t feel appreciated, despite being good at my job. I am ready to find a job that appreciates me and my talents. As I sit here at work, I think back to the time when I did take a leap of faith because I was at another job that made me unhappy. The difference with that situation was that I was attending a church where I met some really amazing ladies. One lady prayed with me everyday and woke me up at dawn to pray to God. One day, I quite my job with NO job lined up. I exercised complete faith in God. Shortly thereafter, I got a job at a company where I really wanted to work. All this came from taking a leap of faith, doing my part and trusting in my source. Is there a reason why I cannot do the same thing now? The biggest difference now, is I have way more bills and more people telling me not to leave a job unless I have something lined up. I think I know the answer, however, I need help getting there.


In the previous example where you quit your job without having another job in place, you exercised complete faith. This is a result of building a trusting relationship with your source. You did bible study, you prayed to your source and you had a supportive network. As you developed a routine of spiritual guidance with your source, you just knew that everything was going to be okay.

You then go on to point out that now you are scared because you have way more bills and more people telling you not to do this. The real reason is that you have not consistently practiced a vibration of trust. A trust that is built up by having a daily routine with your source. You have fallen into another routine of practicing a vibration of self-doubt and lack of trust. As a result, it is much more challenging to even think about letting go and trusting in your source.

Now having said this, what do you do? There is no right or wrong in a creative universe, just choices. Yes, you are definitely free to quit your job now and try your best to believe that all will be well. When you believe that all is well, you open, allow and are not resisting what you have asked for, which is another job that appreciates you, along with other positive aspects.

Feelings and Alignment

In your question, you stated that the idea of leaving feels good to you because your thoughts about leaving your job are in alignment with your desires. You also state that it feels scary. When you feel scared, it means that your thoughts are out of alignment with leaving. Sound confusing? How could it be both?

A key point in practicing the law of attraction is understanding your alignment. Are you in alignment or are you out of alignment. If you are in alignment, then you are on track to receiving that which you desire. If you are out of alignment, you are resisting that which you desire.

You determine your alignment by the way you feel. We like to use broad terms for determining how you are feeling. If you feel good, you are in alignment. If you feel bad, you are out of alignment. Most people have trouble discerning how they feel because of how they were raised but regardless, how you feel is a key indicator to your alignment. When we say how you feel, we mean how you feel emotionally, physically and spiritually. From the example given, you were feeling bad because feeling scared is a bad feeling. What is there to fear, when you have been told that whatever you ask is given?

Our advice to you is to pay attention to the thoughts you are having when you feel bad and when you feel good as it relates to quitting. Keep a spiritual journal and write down your thoughts. Some times you won’t know the exact thought because the thoughts will be from your subconscious mind, however, you can still write down that you felt bad.

Do this for about a week and really take a look at what your thoughts are in relation to leaving your job. It is very important to understand the thought behind the feelings so that you know how to interpret it and it helps to guide you on the next move.

We also suggest developing a daily routine with your source. As we have stated before, when you do this, you start to build trust. You practice the vibration of believing that all is well and that you can have anything you desire.

For more information on routines, spiritual guidance and the law of attraction, please check out my latest book, Healing and the Law of Attraction. You can also schedule a free consultation with me. I am happy to be of service to you.

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