6 Natural Healing Tips

6 Natural Healing Tips

In my latest podcast episode, we talked about natural healing but not from the standpoint of what to consume. We talked about how to keep your energy flowing by understanding a simple concept.

If you have a tendency to put your focus on what you need to take and not on how it is released from your body, then this episode is important for you to hear.

At the end of the episode, I give 6 tips that you can use on your journey to manifest health.

Feel free to listen to the podcast or read below for the summarized transcript.


Message from IAM

As you raise your vibration through many means - through awakening your consciousness through gratitude, through joy, through telling a different story - you will release lower vibrational energy. This lower vibrational energy will need to move through your body. You must allow this lower vibrational energy to move.

Remember, you are all energetic, vibrational beings in your physical form. You eliminate vibrational energy through many forms. You eliminate through your bowel movements. You eliminate through your urinary system. You eliminate through your skin and through your breath. These are the major routes of elimination in physical form.

You must take it upon yourself to make sure that these routes of elimination are open.


Are you eliminating regularly through your bowels? Do you have regular bowel movements? Are they formed? If you do not, begin the process of healing your digestive area to allow for more open elimination.


Breath is another route of elimination for the physical body. Many people hold their breath as a result of the thoughts that are creating their reality. Many do not realize they are doing this consciously. When you can become more mindful of your breath, you can open fully open this route of elimination.

Urinary System

Are you drinking enough water? Are you allowing for the natural elimination through this route? Many people do not drink enough water. Pure water, in its essence.


Is your skin open and freely available to allow for the elimination through it?

Mental/Emotional Energy

Another thing that we want to touch upon is the elimination of the vibrational energy of emotions. These too must be allowed to flow through the body. When low vibrational energy is released, it can trigger an emotional response. Being mindful of this will help to allow for these energies to flow through the body and not be restricted and allowed to come back and affect you in the physical form.

Being mindful allows for the natural release of these energies. When you do not, you resist and this causes all types of disharmonies in your body. So we are talking about elimination through the physical, as well as through the mental/emotional aspects. This also applies to the spiritual as well. We do not want you to be overwhelmed with what we are offering you.

Energy Blockage

When you do not allow for your natural orifices to release this energy, what happens is that it builds up in the physical body. You can tell this through many mechanisms. Your skin will start to show symptoms of elimination through it. Rashes are an example of your body being unable to release and so it comes through your skin and it irritates that aspect of it.

Bodily, odors, or smelly bodily odors or rumbling in your stomach, gas, flatulence - all of these are signs that there is an accumulation, an abundance of low vibrational energy that is not being eliminated properly through your routes of elimination.

Improper elimination through the colon area is one of the most common places of blockage of energetic blockage for most humans.

This is the result of many things, but there are ways in which you can open this.

Ask your Source

What we encourage you to do is take the time now, close your eyes, and ask your source what routes of elimination do you need to improve upon. Ask the question, release it and let it go. Allow the answer to unfold for you.

When you receive your answer, you will know.

We will give you a profound sensation. You'll know that it is from us. Allow it to happen.

We want you to take bits by bits. But we want you to understand this natural healing philosophy. We want you to take an overall look at what you are doing for your healing process.

There is a tendency to think that you must take or consume all these natural remedies. I want to take this. I'm going to take that. But there is not much attention paid to the elimination of it. Is your body in sync? Are you allowing for the lower vibrational energies to move through your body? Are you allowing for the lower vibrational energies that cause thoughts, that cause an emotional response to move through your body? Are you allowing for this? Take an overall look and if you are not, put mechanisms in place so that you can allow for this to flow. The more you allow this to flow, the more your vibration will raise. The more you shall heal. This is simple. A simple technique - breathe, drink water, eliminate through your bowels regularly, allow for the release through your skin holistically, naturally.

Continue to join us and follow us, and we will help guide you to your source first and foremost. But as you are building that relationship with your source, we are here to help guide you. With love and peace from IAM, Namaste.

Natural Healing Tips

Thank you everyone. That was a powerful message from IAM.

What I wanted to do is to set out and give you some techniques that you can use for this simple natural healing philosophy.

Of course, there are many ways to do it. If you feel like any of these techniques that are presented do not resonate with you or do not feel good to you, ask for guidance on it.

1. Abdominal Massage

Okay. Let's start out with the digestive system. Everyone's heard of getting enough fiber in your diet to make sure that you're having bowel movements.

However, there may be many reasons why you may not be eliminating the extra fiber. For instance, if your bowel system is restricted in some way, you're holding on to a lot of energy down there that needs to be released, or you do not drink enough water.

So what you can do is a self-massage of your abdominal region.

You can do this in a circular motion, starting in the lower right quadrant, where your appendix would be and just move in a circular motion. You can just use your feelings and feel where you need to do a massage. Now, this massage, I like to do the massage in a rhythmic pattern using the breath.

So you take care of two things, right? The breath and your bowel system.

So when you inhale, just allow your lower abdomen to expand out. As you exhale, you press down on your intestines again. Inhale and allow for your lower abdomen to expand, exhale and press down in that region. You decide on how much pressure you're going to put there because you are doing this massage, right?

So you decide on that. You don't need to force it. Just allow it, take your time.

If you like before you start this massage, you can get a hot water bottle and you can place it on your abdominal region to help relax that area, to help get things ready to be moved.

If you don't have a hot water bottle, you can get a warm towel warm and place it there. Just place it there for a couple of minutes. Just to get the area warm and ready, and then go through this.

If you feel like this resonates with you, then add this to your healing routine. Add this to your routine that you're doing for yourself to improve your health and raise your vibration.

If you are wondering if this is right for you. If you're still not convinced. Then try it for a least 30 to 60 days. Give it that and then see if you notice an improvement in your skin and any odors and just overall, how you feel.

2. Intuitive Breathing

Now breath deep breathing. I'll give you two examples of this.

One is assuming you have a regular spiritual routine that you do either in the morning or at night. You can add a five minute session where you are doing deep breathing. In this deep breathing, you're going to allow the breath to come to you.

So as you inhale, you allow your lower abdomen to expand. Then hold your breath as long as you can. Do not think about counting how many breaths or how long this should be. Just feel your way through it and then when it feels right, you will naturally exhale.

Then just naturally allow yourself to inhale. Just allowing.

So this is an exercise in allowing without the conscious mind taking a hold. If this is too much for you, you can inhale to the count of four and exhale to the count of seven.

Another technique for breathing is to be mindful of it throughout the day. So if you have a smartphone - which I assume most people do - or some type of timer, every hour set a reminder. You can download a mindful app and every time you hear the timer, go off, take a moment to take deep breaths.

You can use the feeling of the breath, or you can do a timed breath, whatever is your preference.

3. Dry Brushing

Now the skin.

Try dry brushing. That is taking some type of abrasive material, like a loofa and when your skin is dry, not wet, take the loofa and scrub your skin. Every aspect of your skin - your face, your hands, your feet, your abdomen, all of your body.

Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Let’s not make this something that is a challenge. You want to just love your body and love the skin you're in, for a lack of a better way of saying it. I really do love that phrase.

Love the process. Do this at least once a week or as you feel guided to do so.

4. Water

Now the urinary system. The most obvious would just to drink water, but not every one is in the habit of doing so.

One thing that you can do to check and monitor how much water you are drinking is fill a container with the amount of water you feel you need to drink in a day.

So if you feel you need to drink a gallon, then get a gallon glass container, fill it with water, and then make the effort to drink that before the end of the day.

If you are finding that you are not drinking enough water, then set your intention to do so.

Tell the story that you are doing it and use the creative power of the universe to set this intention, to do it.

Do not notice that you're not doing it, because you are just going to continue to create that reality. Just imagine yourself doing it and it shall be done.

If you are finding the taste of the water just does not please you, then try lemon water or add cucumbers.

You can use natural bamboo filters as an option to add to your water. This may make the water taste wonderful for you.

I also like to use minerals in the water, like stones that you place in the water to add an extra bit of energetic boost per se.

On your glass container that you use to hold your water, you can put words of inspiration on it. You can draw, be creative, draw a heart on it. Draw love on it. Put a peace sign on it. Whatever it is that will inspire you to drink the water.

You will be amazed at what can happen when you put words of inspiration.

You set your intention, that this will happen. You notice that you are going to do it, and you do it.

5. Mindfulness

Being mindful of your emotions. This is a big one of allowing low vibrational energies to move through you without causing and triggering thoughts. That just causes all kinds of chaos.

One technique that you can do for this is again, using that mindful timer. If you are doing the deep breathing during this time, extend your time a little bit out, maybe a couple more minutes so that you can be mindful of the thoughts in your mind - not resisting them, just noticing them. Noticing them like a clouds in the sky.

You observe them without judgment. Therefore, they don't have a chance to take a hold of you and get stuck energetically in the body.

You just allow that lower vibrational energy to flow.

Beautiful, simple technique. That of course, like everything else requires practice.

If you have a regular meditation practice, you will notice that you start to become more mindful of things.

So we do encourage you to meditate regularly. If you are not right now and it seems too overwhelming. That is okay. In time you will get here. Just allow yourself that leeway to get there, knowing that you are headed towards health. Taking a little bit at a time allows for this, right?

This is a journey. This is not a sprint. This is a lifestyle change.

6. Spiritual Guidance

Today, I gave you some practical tips on what you can do for your routes of elimination. Of course, there are many, many ways of doing each route of elimination.

As you are starting out, you can use our tips and techniques. Then as you feel more confident in your guidance from source, you will know what's best for you.

This is encouraged.

Spiritual Guidance Workbook

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